Se #AstraZeneca manda in tilt i virology casinisti

Se #AstraZeneca manda in tilt i virology casinisti
Se #AstraZeneca manda in tilt i virology casinisti

The tragic death of the young woman Camilla Canepa, 18, died after receiving the first dose of the vaccine on 25 May AstraZeneca, has rekindled the debate on anti-Covid vaccines and in particular on the Anglo-Swedish one administered to the very young Ligurian. Also in this case, the superstar virologists who pontificate to unified networks on television every day have said the opposite of everything. A clear example of the statements made to theAdnkronos gives Andrea Crisanti, director of the Microbiology department of the University of Padua. “I wonder: how is it possible that the initiative was taken to give this vaccine in this age group, beyond the existing recommendations? Had the CTS been informed? It had to be consulted first, not later“, he claims. “I am amazed that the initiative to organize Astraday for 18-year-olds was taken without the advice of scientific expertise “, still reflects the director of the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua.

AstraZeneca, what Crisanti and Galli (and Ema) said in April

Very well, but by chance it is Crisanti himself who, at the beginning of April, was interviewed by SkyTg24, explained that AstraZeneca is among the vaccines “safest in the world“? Not only that. It is a namesake what claimed that”cases of thrombophilia“register after vaccinations with AstraZeneca”they are infinitesimal“and that anyway”there is no vaccine that is 100% safe for everyone“, also because it is a mass vaccination that involves the entire population, with many differences that can exist from person to person. Crisanti concluded the same interview by saying that”I would recommend AstraZeneca to young women, without a doubt“. As the great would say in this case Totò, But do me the favor!

Another superstar virologist who contradicted himself on the Anglo-Swedish vaccine, albeit perhaps in a less blatant way than Crisanti, is Massimo Galli, director of infectious diseases at the Sacco hospital in Milan. Guest of the program “my doctor“on Tv2000, Galli explained that the AstraZeneca vaccine, under one age group,”it was not to be used“. Too bad that, in mid-April, in addition to agreeing with Crisanti on thrombosis, Galli explained in an interview with The morning, which AstraZeneca is “as dangerous as a CT scan“further stating that they feared that the alleged danger of the Anglo-Swedish vaccine was a”sensational hoax“.

After all, the same Mom, the European medicines agency, had assured no later than the end of March that “there is no specific age-related risk for the AstraZeneca vaccine“only to show with a table, data in hand, how there are more risks than benefits for young people. Endless contradictions and continuous turnarounds: this is the fantastic world of superstar virologists.


AstraZeneca manda tilt virology casinisti

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