Virtus Bologna, the report cards of the Scudetto – Sport – Basketball

Virtus Bologna, the report cards of the Scudetto – Sport – Basketball
Virtus Bologna, the report cards of the Scudetto – Sport – Basketball

Bologna, 11 June 2021 – It was a two-year long season, which began in the summer of 2019 and was interrupted for Covid-19 during the lockdown phase, when the Virtus Bologna seemed to be launched towards a first place in the regular season and fully recovered this year with a start between highs and lows and a Rossini finale in crescendo until the victory of the scudetto.

After 20 years the Black Vu are back to win a tricolor title, many too many years for what it is BasketCity therefore, the Scudetto must be celebrated properly. Obviously there are no failures or failures and the votes, absolutely subjective, are the result of this extraordinary season finale.

ALEKSANDAR DJORDJEVIC: 10 e lode. Let’s start with the coach. He is undoubtedly the first architect of this triumph. Consistent, decisive, never banal, he confirmed that he had the locker room in hand and we saw that the team also played for him. Criticized for some choices during the season, even by the same company that had questioned him, he changed and made the team change gears during these playoffs.
The case of the exemption made him perhaps stronger and he was the first to demonstrate that he has peace in his head and fire in his heart.

MILOS TEODOSIC: 10. The “magician” is the beacon of this Virtus. Points, a profusion of assists for his teammates, spectacular plays, but also a lot of responsibility when the ball is hot, if then, as in these finals with Milan, he also begins to defend, to dive into every ball then there is none for anyone. Teodosic was the emanation of Djordjevic, the champion to whom all his teammates have unquestionably recognized the leadership of the team.

MARCO BELINELLI: 9. The silent killer of this Virtus. Arriving in the current championship was a fundamental addition for Djordjevic. He, the only one to have won an NBA ring, humbly descended into the locker room bringing his experience and extraordinary quality of execution. If you went to see the statistics you always read about a decisive and decisive haul of points for the fortunes of Virtus. His plays and shots sparked the enthusiasm of his teammates and the public, confirming the talent of an extraordinarily important player.

STEFAN MARKOVIC: 9. He started the season with highs and especially lows. The Covid-19 that hit him, but in general a state of not excellent form, including injury, had certainly weakened him. He has grown like the whole team, and it is no coincidence in the playoffs. Tough, always in the lawful of course in defense, in Milan he was the decisive man with a triple both in race-1 and in race-2 that killed Olimpia’s recovery attempt.

ALESSANDRO PAJOLA: 9. Cinno has become a man. Future Captain is becoming game after game essential for this Virtus. He is the best Juventus defender and not only that, Rodriguez will dream of him for a long time, but in addition to the defensive responsibilities he has assumed, not without a thread of unconsciousness, many also at an offensive level both in the series with Treviso, but also in the very fine with Milan.

KYLE WEEMS: 8,5. Idol of the public, who in race-3 gave him a real standing ovation and many well-deserved choirs. Subdued in the EuroCup semifinal series with Kazan he was hit in the last period by an injury, but he recovered brilliantly and presented in great shape for the playoffs. An extraordinary mastiff, a fantastic outside stoker, it was probably he who gave the definitive blow to the Milanese Scudetto hopes.

GIAMPAOLO RICCI: 8.5. Brave captain. We remembered him as a great protagonist last year, then the lockdown, the suspended championship and the difficult start to the season, but a rebirth in this splendid Bianconeri ride.

JULIAN GAMBLE: 8,5. Heart and character and a lot of physical strength in favor of the team. We can say about him that he is a bad free shooter, that his performance in attack and defense is wavering, but for commitment, determination, will he has always fought for the team, for the coach, for the Bianconeri colors, to have us. of great fighters like him. He went through a difficult period on a personal level when Covid-19 forced his entire family into isolation, but he is there and always has been, a lion.

VINCENT HUNTER: 8,5. For a long part of the season he was one of the best of the season demonstrating a solidity and constancy that led him to be among the best both in the championship and above all in the EuroCup where he was at times unstoppable. Important physical means also asserted himself in the playoffs with a contribution, perhaps less evident but with many important things for the team.

AMAR ALIBEGOVIC: 8. Another player who has grown exponentially. It is Djordjevic’s grief and joy capable of spectacular and beautiful actions and trivial errors. At the beginning of the season the two values ​​almost 50-50, now the balance is all in his favor. Amar brought Virtus a lot of energy, verticality, tactical flexibility, playing from 4 but also as a fake 5 and in this final putting an element in his pocket with Hines. Amazing.

AWUDU ABASS: 8. He arrived in the summer among the proclamations of a company that trusted him a lot, then a difficult departure, Covid, the arrival of Belinelli and that game that just seemed not to digest. What was said for Alibegovic as a player on the margins of the rotations to a great protagonist in the playoffs is valid. Quality, dynamism, athleticism in attack but also in defense is a decidedly reproved player who has put a Milan that has struggled in the ambiance.

AMEDEO TESSITORI: 7.5. First Covid-19 then the injury removed him from the games in the crucial part of the season, yet he had shown important flashes of lights up to that moment. Too bad for Virtus and above all for him to have been forced to the pits in such an important moment.

JOSH ADAMS: Voto 7. The exploit in EuroCup with Andorra in the evening of the 10 triples then many ups and downs. Djordjevic has dried up his rotations and he unfortunately got out of it, a little because of his demerit, a lot thanks to his teammates, with Markovic, Pajola and Abass grown a lot in this season finale. In any case, he has always proved to be a great professional: never a misplaced word, never a wrong attitude towards the coach and teammates.

STEFAN NIKOLIC and LORENZO DERI: 6.5 The strength of a team lies in the unity of the group. Nikolic and Deri were two elements who helped the team in training when there was a greater need due to absences and injuries. True, a few minutes, but commitment and professionalism have never been lacking.

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