«Ghettolimpo is the album that explains who I have been and who I am now. Neither immortal nor simple human “

«Ghettolimpo is the album that explains who I have been and who I am now. Neither immortal nor simple human “
«Ghettolimpo is the album that explains who I have been and who I am now. Neither immortal nor simple human “

A demonic narcissus. An artist who cannot stand still. Greedy for disparate sounds, Mahmood, born Alessandro Mahmoud, (Italian mother and Egyptian father), publishes today “Ghettolimpo”. Anticipated by “Inuyasha”, “Klan” and “Zero” (soundtrack of the homonymous Netflix series), the album is the result of a lot of musical experimentation: the feat. with Elisa e Woodkid, the presence of Feid e Sfera Ebbasta, the productions (from Dardust to “Katoo”). “Kisses from Tunisia” was written at Eurovision (when he came second with “Soldi” in 2019, a song that returned to the bomb with the clip from the film by Nanni Moretti).

He says he is happy for the victory of the Moonlight, sad for not being able to work with Battiato, while the Klan video was shot in the places where Lucio Dalla spent the summer. “There is a lot of travel and little quarantine on the record: I haven’t written any more since Covid began. To write I need to travel ».

First on the bus …
“And now I’m writing while I’m on the plane (laughs, ed). My life has changed, but my values ​​are the same ».

What word is Ghettolimpo?
«A neologism. A middle way to say that no one is immortal and that no one is a mere human. It is an imaginary in which there are two souls, where there are no gods with supernatural powers, there are humans (mortals) who venture into life ».

Why mythology?
“I was obsessed as a child. I had a dictionary that I constantly consulted closed in my room. Inside Ghettolimpo there is that Mahmood there. But there is also a grown artist who loves to be contaminated with various sounds ».

A return to the origins?
“In part, yes. The piece Ghettolimpo takes up the singing of an Arab muezzin, memories of when I spent my summers in Egypt with the days marked by the sound of the five prayers ».

“My Narcissus has the ugliest smile left”.
“He is a demonic Narcissus. When I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself. On the cover, my distorted image. It is the fear of moving away from my origins. I don’t forget the past. Indeed, I am proud of it ».

In fact there is also “I love you”, a song dedicated to his mother.
«And to my Sardinia. With the bagpipes of the Sardinian shepherds, with the “No potho reposare” and with the female choir of Orosei with the voice of my cousin Antonellina. This is how I managed to make my mother move for the first time ».

And then the fears, the success …
“And all the complicated moments that I faced with courage. With this politically correct, it takes very little to not be understood. Words have weight. Let’s remember it ».

And does Italy have the courage to take a stand?
“If he refers to the Zan Bill, he has to go a long way. The recent events in Palermo – with a gay couple attacked in the street – are intolerable. Sometimes I wonder what we are really fighting for ».
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