Tennis, Roland Garros: Djokovic eliminates Nadal. In the final with Tsitsipas

Tennis, Roland Garros: Djokovic eliminates Nadal. In the final with Tsitsipas
Tennis, Roland Garros: Djokovic eliminates Nadal. In the final with Tsitsipas

PARIGI – Novak Djokovic fold the king of Paris Rafa Nadal – 13 successes on the transalpine red clay and only two defeats before tonight – and flies to the final at Roland Garros, where he won on only one occasion (in 2016). The 34-year-old from Belgrade, number 1 in the world and in seeding, in the semifinal ended very late in the evening – a game that managed to put aside the Parisian curfew that started at 11 pm for at least one night -, he defeated the number three in the ranking of the scoreboard with a score of 3-6 6-3 7-6 (4) 6-2 after 4 hours and 11 ‘of play. For the Serbian, who is now ahead of two direct wins against the Spaniard (30 wins for Djokovic and 28 for Nadal), it will be the 29th final in a Major. He has won 18: in addition to the 2016 triumph in the French capital, he has nine trophies from the Australian Open, five from Wimbledon and three from the US Open. In the final act of the Majors, however, he surrendered four times in Paris, once in London and on five occasions in New York.

Djokovic will face off in the final on Sunday Stefanos Tsitsipas. The Greek, number 5 in the world, beat the German in five sets Alexander Zverev, number 6 Atp, with a score of 6-3 6-3 4-6 4-6 6-3 in 3 hours and 37 ‘of play.

Long live the Greek, then. His is the challenge of beautiful hair or as champion of the Next Gen. The first Grand Slam final for Stefanos, in tears after the game, enjoying the moment, almost contemplating it. “My dream come true. A moment in my life. A tough match, many emotions. But in the end I came back, I was still alive. The most important result of my life. Here, in Paris”.

Tsitsipas actually did and undone, but ultimately took home the result. The Greek had started great, having the match, with great personality and shots. Zverev was disoriented in front of Tsitsipas’ game, more patient than looking for winning shots, with a variety of different rebounds, which did not help the German to find a balance.

The double 6-3, after Zverev reacted by pure instinct with a break in the second set, but then lost twice. heralded a match without surprises. Famous last words. From the third set onwards a new game began: as if the Greek felt the finish line, he slowed down. Shortened the shots. While Zverev, who had already made a comeback from two sets below in the first round against compatriot Otte, seemed like light, with no more nulal to lose. And his game benefited from this and became irresistible.

So Tsitsipas tried to hang on, but without success: fifth set. And here, when no one would have bet a euro on the Greek anymore, Stefanos found the last drops of energy, returning as aggressive as in the first set. The start of the fifth was without history, with the Greek who flew on 5-2 without problems. Here Zverev canceled three match points, but on 5-3 and service to Tsitsipas he no longer trembled.

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