Demiral own goal, then Immobile and Insigne, at the 2021 Europeans debut with clear victory-

Demiral own goal, then Immobile and Insigne, at the 2021 Europeans debut with clear victory-
Demiral own goal, then Immobile and Insigne, at the 2021 Europeans debut with clear victory-

Italy starts off on the right foot, trimming three goals to Turkey in the second half, after colliding with the red wall sino at the interval and protesting vigorously for a penalty that the referee Makkelie and the Var incredibly deny to the blues. Some games are won even in this way, with the patience to wait for the right moment. Demiral’s own goal sparked it that lights up the blue hurricane. The doubling signs it Immobile and Insigne unleashes the party blue.

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Turkey, neat and compact up to the interval, annichilita. Italy suffers in the tight spaces, but in the second half, the quality of their game and the clear technical superiority stand out. A beautiful and balanced team, which brings the unbeaten minutes to 875.

Better than that it was difficult to imagine the debut, always slippery. Never in the previous 38 games at the European Championship have we managed to score more than two goals. Everything seems to succeed in this national team. Chiellini a giant, Jorginho commands the game with authority, Spinazzola a train on the left, Immobile marks the game with a goal and an assist inside his Olympic. But above all to enchant Berardi, who packs the cross from which Demiral’s own goal is born and puts his foot in the other two blue networks. For Chiesa, who enters the final, recovering positions will not be easy.

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The hard start. Turkey plays simple and rudimentary football with nine players below the ball line and only a couple of times try to restart. Italy suffers from teams that close. The exasperated possession of the ball, higher than 67 percent, is not enough. They lack speed of action, brilliance in one-on-one and insertions. When Spinazzola, who plays very high leaving the defense almost always to three, breaks through on the left for the Turks are pains.

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The left-handed invoke the penalty three times and in the third case, at the end of the first half, they are right to protest: Celik’s touch, with his wide arm on Spinazzola’s cross, evident. Despite the difficulties, Italy has a couple of good chances: Insigne misses the door after a nice triangle with Berardi and the same happens to Immobile on the cross from the left of the Sassuolo winger. In the middle Chiellini’s header from the center of the area, which highlights the quick reflexes of goalkeeper Cakir.

In the second half, with Di Lorenzo in place of the injured Florenzi, another music. Rock music. Turkey, sunk by Demiral, stretches and crumbles and the blue funfair begins. Goals and emotions as in Magic Nights of Italy ’90. In the spaces our attackers are devastating. But even those who, like Locatelli, suffer in the first half, become irrepressible.

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The doubling of Immobile stems from a change of game, Insigne’s 3-0 in speed starring Berardi, Barella and Immobile even if favored by a wrong postponement of the goalkeeper. We are masters of the field until the end. Mancini had promised that the Italians would have fun and so on. Now all that remains is to insist. Keeping your feet planted on the ground.

Italy will return to the field on Wednesday 16 June against Switzerland, again at the Olimpico and always at 21.

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