Covid, 12 vaccinated dead in England for the Indian variant

The spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus in the United Kingdom, as WHO has renamed the so-called “Indian” strain, is leading to consequences not only of a new growth in infections: in England alone 42 people have died due to the variant originating from Indian subcontinent, 12 of these had completed the vaccination course. Ansa reports it.

According to data published by Public Health England (Phe), people officially immunized against Covid-19 they had received the recall for at least 14 days, while for the other deaths, 23 were not vaccinated and seven had received the first dose for at least 21 days.

The report also confirms that 90% of new cases in England are due to the Delta mutation, which shows a 60% higher diffusion rate in the family environment than the Alpha variant, the “English” one

In the UK, the Indian strain is pushing up the curve of Covid-19 cases. In total, according to Phe, they have been confirmed 42,323 Delta variant infections, up from 29,892 last week.

According to information gathered by the National Statistical Organization (Ons), cited by Adnkronos, as of May 28 there have not been so many positives since mid-April. Furthermore, the reproduction value of the Rt virus has been estimated between 1 and 1.2, slightly increasing compared to 1 and 1.1 of the previous week

Despite an increase in the alert and the consequent possible postponement of the lifting of the restrictions by the Johnson government, the success of the vaccination campaign in Great Britain, 70 million doses administered, is still managing to contain the circulation of the coronavirus, which has recorded more than 8 thousand cases and 17 victims in the last 24 hours.

Virgil News | 11-06-2021 21:51

Photo source: ANSA

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