The report cards of Italy – Spinazzola alla Grosso. Berardi-Immobile-Insigne: how wonderful!

The report cards of Italy – Spinazzola alla Grosso. Berardi-Immobile-Insigne: how wonderful!
The report cards of Italy – Spinazzola alla Grosso. Berardi-Immobile-Insigne: how wonderful!

Donnarumma 7 Feeling the pressure of the market is not a big thing. It shows when Yilmaz gets wedged in the area and he puts on gloves. A Turkish opportunity, an intervention. So do the grownups.

Florenzi 6 Totti here taught that No prophet in his hometown has worthy exceptions. Upon returning to the Olimpico he pays the price with emotion, then he recovers but his physical conditions were not at their best so he goes out in the 45th minute from 46 ‘Di Lorenzo 6.5 He enters the field very well, without fear. A short time back in the almanacs he was playing in the suburbs of football that counts. Another great provincial story)

Bonucci 6.5 With a high back and a lot of craft, he puts aside the finisher’s foil and plays a game of profound craft. Hard, tough, bad, always present and constant. Next to Chiellini, what a couple.

Chiellini 7.5 Giorgio da Livorno plays the last thule in blue with the determination of a gladiator. With Yilmaz it is a clash between heavyweights, muscles and impetus. Overflowing winner.

Spinazzola 7.5 Mancini entrusts him with the onerous role of being the Heavy of his Italy. Taking responsibility, he is the thorn in the side of Turkey and of Lille’s Celik. Favorable doubling but not only.

Stretcher 7 Invisible defense bricklayer, evident destroyer of the opponent. It was to be the testing ground for a career breakthrough. The first is outdated.

Jorginho 7 What beautiful direction. Those of Europe, of the triumphs with Chelsea. Italy hadn’t had a player like this since the time of Andrea Pirlo, in the role. Brazilian in ideas, Italian coldness.

Locatelli 6.5 He is certainly the least brilliant of the department, looking for the most support in the comfort zone. But in the first goal there is all his genius, his youth contemptuous of any pressure. (from 74 ‘Cristante sv)

Berardi 7 A story that looks like a fairy tale. The provincial boy, who comes from soccer, a life in Sassuolo. It is the evening of his dreams, 11 on his shoulders and a great responsibility. Demiral’s deviation does not matter, the goal is all his. (from 86 ‘Bernardeschi sv)

Immobile 7 King Ciro, in his theater but with another stage dress. It seems reborn, after a few tiring weeks with Lazio. First with the Czech Republic, then rapacious with Turkey. Golden shoe. (from 81 ‘Belotti sv)

Badge 7.5 The load of inventiveness and sparkle is the little big lock that must unhinge a Turkey barricaded on its Dardanelles. In the second half it goes beyond the borders and drags Italy into a dream sea. A beautiful goal. A big 10. (from 81 ‘Church sv)

Mancini 7.5 Dressed in blue, with that color that is very 1982, he takes off his jacket at the end of the first half and Italy rolls up its sleeves. And it wins, convinces, then dominates and wins hands down. If good morning starts in the morning.

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