In a short time, AFRICAN SCIPION will EXPLODE SUMMER, BOOM of TEMPERATURES and HOT AFOSO. But will it last? »

Weather: In a short time, AFRICAN SCIPION will EXPLODE SUMMER, BOOM of TEMPERATURES and HOT AFOSO. But will it last?

Boom in temperatures and sultry heat with Scipione the AfricanIt is about to burst the summer on our country. In the next few days we will see a real one boom of the temperature and the heat will suddenly be too sultry. Manager? Sara Scipio, the African.

It was as far back as 204-201 BC that the famous Roman politician and military man Publius Cornelius Scipio earned the surname of African following the successful campaign in Africa, during which he defeated the Carthaginian general Annibale.
A bit like it is happening these days between the flow of unstable Atlantic currents and a tenacious one anticyclone rising from North Africa and that with all its strength it will conquer the coveted area of ​​the Mediterranean. This is why we have called him nicely Scipione!

L’high pressure in the next days will come out therefore winner, finally succeeding in its intent to bring the first real wave of heat seasonal all over our country.
The effects will already be evident in the course of the day Thursday 3 June When the atmosphere on Italy it will offer us not only a context stable e asciutto (even if there will be the occasion of some storm on the Alps) but already quite hot, with the temperature which will show clear signs of growth, especially al Center-North.

However, the real boom of the temperature it will be felt on the weekend, especially on the day of Saturday, when a hot sometimes even sultry will reach its peak.
The peaks close to 30/31°C which will register for example a Milan, Turin, Bolzano, with peaks even up to 32/33°C in Emilia, especially between Bologna and Ferrara.
It will do a lot hot also al Center, where we will have peaks of 29/31°C, respectively a Rome and Florence.
Values ​​only slightly lower than the South, where the thermometers will still settle on average temperatures close to 30 ° C.

But all of this will last? Yes and no. From Sunday 6 the temperature they will in fact record a decrease, at least at North and al Center, due to a greater interference of the clouds linked to a disturbance arriving from the Atlantic. To the South instead it will continue to do rather hot.

We will give you more details in our next updates.

Scipio, the African anticyclone



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