Rocco is back, brawl in the PD and the bears: so, today …

Rocco is back, brawl in the PD and the bears: so, today …
Rocco is back, brawl in the PD and the bears: so, today …

– an espresso with ice, coconut milk and pink sugar, served with a pink candy floss topping or, optionally, with marshmallows, and of course with all the amberadan of sachets, placemats and candy pink logos that I miss at the Queen’s baptism Elisabetta, it will cost you the modest sum of 6 euros. Just go to the bar Chiara Ferragni. Which will then taste the same as an espresso with ice, discount milk, banal sugar and ordinary marshmallows – only much more expensive

Rocco Casalino gets back in the saddle. He will act as TV coach for the grillini and will deal with strategic analysis of radio and television communication techniques and performances. In practice, it could be the good and the bad weather of the M5S “spokespersons” in front of the cameras. But above all he can devote himself to the People’s Advocate Big Brother is back

– yet another turn up Astrazeneca: now it will be given only over 60 years. After all the turnarounds of these months, how long will it take to change your mind again?

– AstraZeneca I know that the confidence of the Italians has been played out. The British use it a lot. But certainly the table ofMom it makes a little impression: for young people, to date, the risks are more than the benefits of the Oxford vaccine

– if all these messes are not enough for you, know that in Trentino it is bears alert. It seems that these not-so-friendly puppies have already approached a couple of couples walking in the woods. We only miss the invasion of grasshoppers and for this year we are on horseback

– away to the European Championship: go Italy

– in Bologna they fight (virtual) on the left. Some pieces of the Pd, who later belonged to the PCI, have appealed against those “comrades” who – despite having the dem card in their pocket – support the “Renziana” Isabella Conti in the primary. He argued that only the dem can initiate: instead of fighting the opponent, they are mad at each other. Brilliant


Rocco brawl bears today

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