Vaccines, Open Days confirmed without AstraZeneca

BOLOGNA. In Emilia-Romagna, the already scheduled Open Days, complete with online booking, are confirmed, because the guiding principle must be to not send anyone back and above all to speed up vaccination which in recent days has seen a considerable acceleration, but for prudence with the exclusive use of Pfizer and Moderna doses.

The decision of the Region – already communicated yesterday by the Directorate General of the Department of Health Policies to all the health and hospital organizations in the area – was taken on a prudent basis, pending the new indications of the Technical Scientific Committee, which is clear and definitive, on the use of viral vector vaccines – hence AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson – for citizens under the age of 60.

Vaccines, Open Day in the crosshairs. The Ausl aims at the camper and last minute punctures

by Eleonora Capelli

June 11, 2021

AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson will therefore continue to be used by health authorities, general practitioners and soon also by pharmacists exclusively to identify and immunize that small part of the population over 60 who, for various reasons, has not yet been vaccinated even though they can. to do. The Region asks the competent Authorities for an immediate, clear and definitive pronouncement on the second doses of AstraZeneca for those who have already received the first, regardless of age.

“Pending the new indications of the Technical Scientific Committee – underlines the regional councilor for health policies, Raffaele Donini – we have decided to move following the line of maximum prudence, without however slowing down the pace of the vaccination campaign in progress. We therefore only confirm the Open days already organized for which we already have reservations because the principle we want to follow is first of all not to send anyone back and they also represent an opportunity to speed up the vaccination in progress. We will carry them out with the exclusive administration of Pfizer and Moderna doses. Until now, however – adds Donini – in our Open days, J&J vaccines have been used mainly, approved by Aifa for the over 18s even if preferably indicated for people over 60 years old. If now the decision by the competent authorities is changed, we will adapt as always, hoping that a definitive word will be said. So – Donini closes – while we are proceeding at full speed with the vaccination of the entire population who are booking these days by age group, we only confirm the appointments already scheduled to intercept as many people as possible. And, as we have always done, we will go ahead in the most rigorous respect of national guidelines ”.

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