Juventus transfer market, Ronaldo away for free

Cristiano Ronaldo © Getty Images

Cristiano Ronaldo is linked to Juventus by a contract expiring in June 2022

Calciomercato.it has been saying it for months, Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Juventus. New confirmations came today from the words of Luca Momblano, a journalist of the Bianconeri faith who spoke in the live Twicth of ‘juventibus’. “From what came to my ear, in freeing himself morally from Juve, Ronaldo said he would listen to offers around – the words of Momblano who then even assumes a goodbye to zero – From the Mendes area they tell me that they got from Juve that if Ronaldo finds his place, Juve if they have no exchange agreements, he must free it to zero. It is an indiscretion, not news ”.

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Juventus transfer market, loss of almost 30 million if Ronaldo starts at zero

Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus ©Getty images

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It should be emphasized, however, that Ronaldo (expiring in June 2022) via ‘free’ excluding fees would mean loss of almost 30 million euros. It is therefore difficult to think of a Juve willing to deprive itself of it without pocketing even one euro, despite the possibility of getting rid of the mega salary of over 50 million euros gross. For Ronaldo there is always talk of a possible return to Manchester United or I land at Paris Saint Germain, the latter, however, linked to the move of Mbappe to Real Madrid.

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