Exhibition Roberta Krasnig Scalo Lambrate

Exhibition Roberta Krasnig Scalo Lambrate
Exhibition Roberta Krasnig Scalo Lambrate

From 8 to 20 June inside the Scalo Lambrate will be exhibited the exhibition of the photographer Roberta Krasnig who through the glo ™ Mirror will give voice to the many passions and multiple dreams of the protagonists portrayed.

The project

BE ONE & more by glo ™ involved many well-known faces of the entertainment world such as Sarah Felberbaum, Michela Giraud, Marco “Galeffi” Cantagalli, Carolina di Domenico, Angelo Recchia, Emanuele “Laccio” Cristofoli, Diego Rossi but also common faces who have revealed your own “& more”. Glo ™ makes its know-how available to give space to imagination and creativity through an exhibition that focuses on the infinity mirror to portray the many “selves” within each individual.

Until 20 June 2021 it will be possible to visit the BEONE & more by glo ™ exhibition on display inside the Scalo Lambrate – via Pietro Andrea Saccardo, 12 Milan. The exhibition – through the eyes of the international photographer Roberta Krasnig – exhibits over 60 portraits of people who have been able to “multiply” and bring together passions, attitudes and dreams, without compromise.

A tale of multiple faces

“The goal is to tell this particular year with a multiplicity of faces – declares Roberta Krasning – The set is an infinity mirror with a progression of colored LEDs. I believe that in all these portraits you can see very well how each of my protagonists gave himself without giving up any part of himself “.

The photo exhibition BE ONE & more by glo ™ demonstrates how each of us can be himself without having to give up the different parts of himself. This concept is represented by the glo ™ Mirror, an “infinite” mirror in front of which each protagonist can tell his or her story and how one can be oneself without having to give up anything. Particular attention is paid to all those who belong to the entertainment sector, restaurateurs, DJs, models, chefs but also actors, singers, musicians and dancers, who in the last year have reinvented themselves by bringing out different sides of themselves so as not to stop. facing difficulties.

The protagonists

Among the protagonists of BEONE & more by glo ™ many famous talents such as actress & entrepreneur Sarah Felberbaum, comedian & presenter Michela Giraud, singer & sports journalist Marco “Galeffi” Cantagalli, presenter & actress Carolina di Domenico, dancer & Visual Artist Angelo Recchia. Many faces from all over Italy who took the portraits: the chef of “Trippa” Diego Rossi, the singer & tattoo artist Eva Pevarello, the author & management asst. Nadia Venturini, the choreographer & entrepreneur Irma di Paola, the choreographer & artistic director of the latest edition of XFactor Emanuele “Laccio” Cristofoli.

The stories of the talents involved

The statements of the talent portraits convey the message of the exhibition very well: “I am an actress and also an entrepreneur – says Sarah Felberbaum – in this period in which I have been further away from the set I have dedicated myself to my line of hair accessories, I I took advantage of this stop to look for a different creativity and make my brand as eco-sustainable as possible. Without compromise, I was able to give my all ”.

Michela Giraud, another protagonist of this experience, says: “In this year off, the stage, which is fundamental for my work, has been taken away from me. On the one hand it was something that upset me, on the other hand this forced removal made me discover other abilities that I did not know. I did my first show alone, without the audience present which has always been my response. I feel I can say that it was a challenge that I was able to take on! ” The exhibition space will be divided into an exciting and defined path, in which portraits of the protagonists will follow one another until ending with the infinity mirror, in order to allow guests to take a picture and feel part of the BEONE & more by glo ™ project .

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