G7, Draghi-Biden first face to face tomorrow. US support for G20 presidency and Libya dossier

G7, Draghi-Biden first face to face tomorrow. US support for G20 presidency and Libya dossier
G7, Draghi-Biden first face to face tomorrow. US support for G20 presidency and Libya dossier

It will be, what begins today in Cornwall, the first post-pandemic G7 summit. The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who met the American President Joe Biden yesterday on his arrival in Corbis Bay, wants to transform it into a global event that marks the transition to the new phase of recovery and economic revival of the most industrialized and developing countries development. Draghi will participate in the six work sessions scheduled during the three days of the summit, speaking as Lead Speaker in the first session dedicated to the themes of economic recovery and the last on climate change.

Draghi’s bilateral

Draghi will have various bilateral meetings during the Summit, starting with those with the leaders of the other two European G7 countries, namely France and Germany. The face-to-face with US President Joe Biden will take place on Saturday afternoon (June 12). At the center of the talks the global issues from vaccines to the least developed countries to the climate to gender equality, all issues that will also be addressed by the Italian presidency of the G20. Biden through his closest collaborators has already made it known that he greatly appreciates Italy’s leadership on these issues and expects the G20 Heads of State and Government Summit at the end of October to be a success.


The Libya issue in the Draghi-Biden bilateral

The American president will most likely encourage Italy to continue to play its diplomatic political role in favor of stabilizing Libya by supporting the current transitional government led by Dbeibah ahead of the free elections scheduled in the country on December 24. (11 June) at 12.30 with a short coordination meeting between EU leaders, followed by an informal breakfast and a welcome ceremony. In the early afternoon the first working session, reserved for the G7 countries only. This session will focus on three themes: national policies towards a greener and digital recovery; the role of the G7 in supporting the recovery of the global economy; policies aimed at advancing gender equality.

From geostrategic trends to climate change

Saturday’s work will open with the second session on the main geostrategic trends at a global level, including the challenges of economic resilience, and a focus on the G7 partnership with developing countries. the work will continue with the third session which will focus on some foreign and security policy issues, including Russia and Afghanistan. The fourth session will therefore be held dedicated to health issues, in particular to the most immediate health challenges and the strengthening of global health systems. Saturday will close with a dinner among the Leaders. The fifth and sixth working sessions will take place on the morning of Sunday 13, dedicated respectively to the theme of ‘open societies and economies’, to the fight against climate change and to the protection of nature, which will also be attended by the leaders of the World Bank, IMF and OECD .


DraghiBiden face face tomorrow support G20 presidency Libya dossier

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