Death Stranding arrives on PS5 and winks at Metal Gear Solid

Death Stranding arrives on PS5 and winks at Metal Gear Solid
Death Stranding arrives on PS5 and winks at Metal Gear Solid

During the Summer Game Fest, Hideo Kojima appeared in liaison with Geoof Keigley announced that he is working on his new project.

The creator of Death Stranding in fact, he announced that the pandemic has changed everything, even his way of creating, a bit like what happened with the attack on the twin towers of 11 September.

For his next title – still shrouded in mystery – Solid Snake’s dad has stated that he will have to almost completely change his idea of ​​video game, giving birth to something completely different.

The surprise, however, is another: Death Stranding Director’s Cut is coming exclusively to PS5, with unpublished content. The full reveal will arrive in a few weeks.

To present it, a video with unpublished game scenes never seen before, inspired in all respects by Metal Gear Solid.

In fact, we see Sam Porter Bridges moving in a location populated by strange guards, so much so that the protagonist of the game seems very tempted to use a classic box to hide, in the manner of Snake, and then give up.

Find the Director’s Cut video of Death Stranding just below:

The author of Death Stranding had hinted that he had made a two-hour call with Nicolas Winding Refn, the director who directed the famous film Drive.

But not only that: Konami would be thinking of more remakes of the saga of Metal Gear Solid for the near future, although the official status of the news is still missing.

If you haven’t played it yet, you can retrieve the final version of Metal Gear Solid V with Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain at a very low price.


Death Stranding arrives PS5 winks Metal Gear Solid

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