What is the risk of doing the mayor in Italy

What is the risk of doing the mayor in Italy
What is the risk of doing the mayor in Italy

Stefania Bonaldi, mayor of Crema (Lombardy), spoke in an interview with Corriere della Sera of the warranty notice received this week following the injury of a child in a municipal nursery. The story had been resumed and commented on by numerous Italian mayors who had expressed solidarity with Bonaldi, recalling that the lack of sufficient legal protections is one of the reasons why it is often difficult to find people willing to run for mayors.

In the interview with Courier service she said she was disheartened by this affair, and also received a solidarity call from the injured child’s parents, who told her that “if we had known that it was going to end like this we would not have made the complaint” (the mayor, in the interview, he explained that the complaint was also made for insurance reasons).

Bonaldi then spoke of the difficulties in finding people who want to become mayors (“Objectively, those who have a profession, skills and a reputation think twice before exposing themselves: complaints, warranties, convictions, etc. full “) and the legal risks to which those who decide to do this job in Italy are exposed:

How many risks is the mayor of a city like Crema exposed to?
“Oh, infinite. There are not only the doors and windows of all municipal buildings. There are the trees of the public domain. The benches in the parks. The cornices of public buildings. I could get a guarantee notice a day. “

On Monday the Prosecutor of Crema had sent a guarantee notice to Bonaldi following the injury of a child who had pinched two fingers in a door of a municipal kindergarten in the city last autumn. The child had then fully recovered the functionality of the hand, but according to the prosecutor, the necessary precautions were not taken to avoid the accident.

The accusation made by the Public Prosecutor’s Office against Bonaldi and other subjects is that they would have omitted “to equip the REI 120 fire door with any device suitable to avoid automatic closing or to guarantee manual closing and opening in safety, against the risk of crushing of the limbs “.

However, it is not clear what interventions should be carried out, considering that fire doors are usually designed to close themselves, in order to prevent fires from spreading (they can be equipped with locking systems in some circumstances, depending on the functions that they absolve).

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