Vaccines to 65 students in the gym in Monfalcone: good first

Vaccines to 65 students in the gym in Monfalcone: good first
Vaccines to 65 students in the gym in Monfalcone: good first

MONFALCONE There was the girl who, in order to give herself courage, let her boyfriend hold her hand lovingly, the high school student happy with the sting because in this way he could finally go to see his grandfather, the maturanda who, looking beyond the state exam, with the green card in hand, he could see himself at work, this summer, finally in safety. It is the snapshot of the first day of anti Covid-19 vaccinations, yesterday, at Buonarroti in Monfalcone. A morning punctuated, every five minutes, by a new administration: the needle to pierce the skin, cotton to close the microscopic crack and on to another one, in the gym in via Marziale.

The vaccines, all doses of Pfizer BioNTech, arrive at 8.15am and are immediately deposited in the school refrigerator. A few minutes later here is the medical staff, green smock, white mask. There is also Dr. Ariella Breda from the Department of Prevention, who stayed in high school until mid-morning.

A dozen students from Pertini also arrive at Buonarroti, who, like the 55 high school students, 30 females and 23 males, undergo the first dose of immunization. The operation, filmed by cameras and photographed by many mobile phones, ends around half past. After all, this too is a date to remember: the recovery after the roller coaster of the pandemic, because as the hashtag that has risen to the fore ilbuonarrotinonsiferma testifies, life goes on.

“Everything went smoothly,” confirms the president Vincenzo Caico, who, despite being involved in the ballot marathon, monitored the vaccination session, which he himself solicited with Asugi once the green light for the immunization of the youngest and the priority to the graduates were decreed. “There was only the case of a fainting girl – he continues – and immediately rescued, but it was not an adverse reaction, perhaps a little fear of the injection”. The sultry weather and yesterday’s rising temperatures could also have had an impact, even if the gym was “air-conditioned”. In any case, there was an ambulance in attendance and therefore any problem that had arisen during the day would have been the professionalism and the equipment to provide an adequate response to the situation of any emergency.

The second dose is set for July 14th. Meanwhile, the interviews for the final exams begin on Wednesday at 8.30.

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