how to register and how to apply for employment

how to register and how to apply for employment
how to register and how to apply for employment

The Portal for recruitment in the PA it will soon be reality. But how to apply for employment? Necessary is the registration to the PA Recruitment Portal to join the new hiring plan of the Public administration for the implementation of PNRR.

The new Recruiting Portal – not yet active, but which will be shortly – will allow you to meet job supply and demand for public administrations. The Recruitment Portal will soon be active also for the public competitions and therefore not only for the extraordinary hires linked to the PNRR.

In fact, the portal was born within the Recruitment decree approved by the Council of Ministers which provides for over 24 thousand recruitments and opportunities for young people.

PA recruitment portal: what it is and how it works

The PA recruitment portal was created to match job supply and demand in public administrations. But how does it work? The Department of Public Administration clearly explains this in the document that anticipates the text of the Recruitment decree.

It represents “the single virtual gateway to the Public Administration both for ordinary public competitions, both for extraordinary recruitment procedures related to the implementation of the PNRR. “

The Recruiting Portal is in fact one database of the needs, of the skills and gods profiles of public personnel. Through the portal, Italian administrations will be able to set up recruitment based on:

  • their skills needs;
  • through the creation of skillmatrix (cards for defining the characteristics of professional profiles, related skills and any necessary experience).

At the same time i citizens who aspire to be hired in the PA will be able to orient themselves on positions more consistent with your curriculum.

Not only that, the Department of Public Administration announces that a Memorandum of Understanding will soon be signed with the network of technical professions to create specific databases of professionals enrolled in the Registers. An agreement will also be signed with LinkedIn “To amplify job opportunities in the Public Administration and reach out to professionals working in Italy and around the world in a targeted manner.”

PA recruitment portal: how to register and apply

The PA Recruiting Portal is not active yet, but it will be in summer, when professionals and citizens will be able to register. To explain how the registration to the recruitment portal, necessary to apply for public competitions and job offers, is always the ministry.

Registration, as required for all public administrations, takes place through:

  • SPID (Public System of Digital Identity);
  • YOU (Electronic Identity Card);
  • CNS (National Service Card).

On the portal for recruitment, after registering, each citizen will be able to monitor the competition notices on one georeferenced interactive map. The citizen can then apply to positions of interest by entering your curriculum.

The citizen can among other things:

  • enter your own curriculum through a specific form;
  • send the question participation;
  • pay the tax through the system PagoPa;
  • follow the selection procedures from the start to the publication of the final rankings.

Further features will concern:

  • training internships;
  • fast track procedures envisaged by the PNRR;
  • experiences of mobility between EU administrations, starting from Blue Book Traineeship.

As the ministry specifies:

“The Portal – which will see the light by summer with the first functionalities and then will go to full capacity, with the release of the system and the migration to the cloud, by 2023 – it will thus become a place in which to design Italian innovation: a place to recruit the professionals of the PA and photograph the skills of public human capital in real time. “

More detailed information will be available when the Portal is online. Meanwhile, the ministry announces that a competition of ideas for the youngest to find the right logo for the Recruiting Portal. It will be aimed at students or professionals of graphics, design and visual arts who are under the age of 30 and who will have until July 7, 2021.

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