Gemma Galgani displaces everyone: “I want to do it again!”

Gemma Galgani displaces everyone: “I want to do it again!”
Gemma Galgani displaces everyone: “I want to do it again!”

The lady of men and women Gemma Galgani, despite her 71 years, wants to get married and can’t wait to find her soul mate

Again this year without a shadow of a doubt, Gemma Galgani was one of the undisputed protagonists of Men and Women. Present in the parterre for about 11 years, the lady is determined to find her soul mate and despite her 71 years old does not want to give up. In fact, in a recent interview with New she stated that she is ready to get married.

Gemma Galgani ready to do it again!

For next season I want to find a man to marry me, and it is precisely for this reason that in recent years I have severed relations. I want to get married“, The lady told the well-known weekly a few months ago. Gemma Galgani, therefore, does not give up and is ready for the big step. Despite the disappointments she has had over the years, the 71-year-old still believes in love

NI certainly don’t want to be a nun. My patron saint is named after me, Gemma Galgani, and has not yet granted my wish ”. Giorgio Manetti’s girlfriend then also wanted to throw a dig at those who have been criticizing her for years. “At my age what should I think about? At the funeral?“.

The lady returns in September to Men and Women

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about a farewell of the lady from Men and women. Gemma Galgani, as we read on social media, it would have tired most of the audience, now tired of always seeing the same stories of the 71-year-old.

Nobody seems to believe his anymore desire to fall in love. After the end of the story with Giorgio Manetti, the woman has dated other people but has not found the right man. Before wrapping up this television season, Isabella’s arrival questioned her presence.

The new entry, would have taken his place so much that Maria De Filippi has dedicated a lot of space to her. What will happen in September is not known but we can assure that Galgani will certainly be part of the parterre as always.


Gemma Galgani displaces

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