we do not know what the consequences will be • Imola Oggi

we do not know what the consequences will be • Imola Oggi
we do not know what the consequences will be • Imola Oggi

“We risk having absolutely unpredictable effects, for example from tumors.” The Nobel prize for medicine Luc Montagnier, a French biologist and virologist who is a luminary in the fight against AIDS, in an interview with France Soir openly takes sides against the uncritical acceptance of vaccines against Coronavirus. Heavy words that have already gone viral in the no vax circuit in America and Europe.

A DiMartedì on La7 Giovanni Floris broadcasts an excerpt of that interview: “Poisoning is a very strong word – specifies Montagnier about the vaccination campaign -, but we cannot accept the risk for children, young people and the current generations. Even the elderly like me, who disappear because of the vaccine. The vaccine is a solution, but not the only one, there are treatments and therapies that can have effects against this infection “.

Montagnier on vaccines: we do not know what the consequences will be

Montagnier makes it above all a problem of “method”: “The vaccine is a long-term project and they are asking people to accept its immediate use”. The point, he explains, is that still we cannot know what the consequences will be on the human organism in a few years, having been in fact “miniaturized” the experimentation time of vaccines to obtain a serum as quickly as possible.

“We risk having absolutely unpredictable effects – accuses Montagnier -, for example tumors that continue to proliferate. This is the danger when playing the sorcerer’s apprentice ”. Phrases that have shocked the world scientific community. “The virus can be fought with vaccination and maybe in the next few years it will become a common cold”, underlines the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri.

And the biologist Barbara Gallavotti, author of Superquark, specifies: “The Nobel Prize is not a license for infallibility, there have been Nobel laureates who have said things that cannot be shared. The nice thing in the scientific community is that even a young researcher, with solid and shared data, can respond to what a Nobel Prize winner says ”. liberoquotidiano.it



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