“Only he can reveal where the body is buried”

“Only he can reveal where the body is buried”
“Only he can reveal where the body is buried”

Before the French authorities he denied being involved in the disappearance of his cousin and did not oppose the extradition, but now Ikram Ijaz, accused in conjunction with the murder of Saman Abbas and the concealment of his body, is in Italy and will have to rebuild in front of the Reggio Emilia prosecutors, what the carabinieri and the prosecutor believe were the last hours of the girl who disappeared in the Lower Reggiana.
Yesterday morning Ijaz was handed over to the Italian authorities in Ventimiglia. The French police had stopped him on May 29 in Nimes, while he was trying to reach some relatives in Spain on board a Flixbus. In the evening he arrived in prison in Reggio Emilia, at the disposal of the judiciary who will question him in the next few hours. Maybe even today.

Saman Abbas, the boyfriend to “Who saw it?”: “The father still threatens me from Pakistan, I’m afraid”

The interrogation

The line of defense is to deny being involved in the murder. But even if the confession that the prosecutor Laura Galli and the carabinieri hope to obtain did not arrive, Ikram could give indications on the point in which, on the evening of April 29, the day before the eighteen-year-old’s disappearance, the hole where she would have been buried was dug. Saman. In fact, the man appears in the frames of surveillance cameras near the Abbas family’s home in Novellara. Together with his uncle Danish Hasnain, 33, believed to be the material perpetrator of the premeditated murder, and another cousin, the 34-year-old Nomanulhaq Nomanulhaq, he was portrayed as he headed towards the fields with shovels, crowbar and a bucket. To distance himself from the murder and defend himself, he could also claim to have obeyed an order from his uncle and have no idea that the hole would become the grave of his cousin, punished for refusing the imposed marriage. But even an indication of the location would be a big step forward in the investigation. After all, Ikram told the French lawyer who defended him before the Nimes Court of Appeal that he only learned about the mourning when he was in France.

Saman Abbas, cousin handed over to the Italian authorities: the search for the body continues in the countryside

Meanwhile, the uncle and the other cousin are fugitives and wanted throughout Europe, from Spain to Belgium and especially in France. In fact, on 10 May Danish had been controlled by the Imperia police headquarters, towards the transalpine border, together with Saman’s sixteen-year-old brother. The boy was then taken to a protected community and revealed to the investigators that his uncle Danish would have killed his sister.
Also wanted are the parents – father Shabbar, 46, and Nazia Shaheen, 47 – who suddenly returned to Pakistan in early May (as shown by the boarding lists at Malpensa, where Saman did not appear) and were also investigated. for kidnapping and premeditated murder. An international rogatory letter will soon be officially filed against them.

Saman Abbas, the cousin from the prosecutors: France grants extradition. Hunt for the uncle who would kill her

The inspection

Yesterday the provincial commander of the Arma Cristiano Desideri carried out an inspection, together with the prosecutor, in the area of ​​the body search in Novellara, around the farmhouse where Shabbar, Saman’s father, worked as a caretaker. The molecular dogs of the canine units and a helicopter of the carabinieri continued to fly the countryside. The investigators concentrated mainly in one exact point, between some of the company’s greenhouses. “We are working on an area that we believe is likely to be able to locate the girl’s body. Research is ongoing and we hope for a resolutive outcome also thanks to technical instruments such as the electromagnetometer that maps the ground in depth and then goes to search for anomalies that do not comply with the parameters entered in the management software. On the basis of the images acquired from the video surveillance, we have studied the behavior of the suspects, ”explained Colonel Desideri.

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