Coronavirus and weddings: white zone, green pass, Covid manager, guests and buffer – INSTRUCTIONS AND NEWS

Coronavirus and weddings: white zone, green pass, Covid manager, guests and buffer – INSTRUCTIONS AND NEWS
Coronavirus and weddings: white zone, green pass, Covid manager, guests and buffer – INSTRUCTIONS AND NEWS

Getting married in the time of Covid? A nightmare. In the last year, aspiring husbands and wives from all over the world have lived. Italy was no exception. In the last few days, however, the serene can be glimpsed even for those who can’t wait to be able to pronounce the fateful “yes” and celebrate it with friends and relatives.

The new guidelines for marriages 2021 of the Ministry of Health

The date set to resume … to feast, according to the most recent Dpcm is June 15. The Conference of Regions and the CTS have increased the dose, specifying what will be possible (and what not)

Green pass, Covid healings, self-certification, molecular or unsanitary swabs

Green pass – also called ‘green’ self-certification – required (even in the white area) or self-certification certifying:

  • * to be vaccinated (even a single dose)
  • * to have had Covid and to be healed
  • * to have carried out a swab (molecular or rapid) with a negative result within 48 hours preceding the event

Measurement of the temperature at the entrance to the premises that will host the receptions

Once the threshold of the event room has been crossed, the detection of body temperature may be requested from all guests and, if this exceeds 37.5 degrees, it will not be possible to access.

Positioning of the tables to ensure social distancing, number of guests and dedicated paths within the room

The tables must be arranged so as to ensure the distance of at least a meter of separation between the diners of different tables both indoors and outdoors (gardens, terraces, stalls, dehors). A limitation will not apply to cohabitants. As for the number of guests (to be delivered fourteen days before the reception), a lot will depend on the capacity of the location and the air changes. The spaces must in any case be organized in such a way as to guarantee access to the room in an orderly manner, avoiding queues and gatherings (ensuring, in fact, the meter of distance between the guests). It is strongly recommended to restaurateurs to create dedicated paths that favor the orderly influx of those present in the various areas. Outdoor banquets are preferable where possible. The staff must adequately inform those present on what it will be possible to do and what not. Clothing and / or personal items will be stored in special clothes bags and not in the classic wardrobes.

The Covid manager? At the moment … in the freezer

There has been no kind of clarification at the moment on the figure of the Covid manager who, according to previous rumors, should have taken care of ensuring compliance with the anti-contagion protocol, starting with verifying compliance with social distancing.

Protective devices to be worn also outdoors: here are the cases

The mask will be worn both indoors (even at the table) and outdoors when the required distance cannot be guaranteed. It will also be necessary to ensure adequate cleaning and disinfection of the internal environments, as well as of the equipment before each use. As for the air exchange, it must be ensured (except for prohibitive weather conditions) by keeping doors, windows and windows open. The efficiency of the ventilation systems should also be checked.

Buffet: here are the rules to be respected during the event

It will be possible to set up buffets, as long as they are managed and administered by the staff in charge. Guests, for example, cannot touch the food on display. The self-service mode can only be contemplated in the case of single-serving dishes.

Music and dancing during the reception: how much will it be possible to “get together”?

Activities and occasions that can create gatherings or aggregations must be avoided. The rule of the meter of distance, in fact, must be constantly respected.

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