Covid vaccine, over 60 bookings in Liguria more than doubled: it is the Pfizer and Moderna effect

Covid vaccine, over 60 bookings in Liguria more than doubled: it is the Pfizer and Moderna effect
Covid vaccine, over 60 bookings in Liguria more than doubled: it is the Pfizer and Moderna effect

Region. Daily bookings of the anti-Covid vaccine by the 60-79 year old group in Liguria more than doubled. It is the effect of being able to choose Pfizer e Modern – and no longer just AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, recommended for this age group – which has now been activated for all Ligurians, including residents in ASL 3 who alone represent almost half of the entire resident population.

The numbers speak for themselves: from 6.00 pm yesterday to 6.00 pm today (Wednesday 9 June) 434 people booked in the 60-64 age range, 401 people in the 65-69 age range, 123 people in the 70-74 age range, 75-79 years 88 people. In total 1,046 reservations, almost all with Pfizer or Moderna. To make a comparison, just think that last Friday in these age groups they had made an appointment about 400 users, mostly with AstraZeneca.

As for the ASL 3, the possibility of booking Pfizer and Moderna has been gradually activated: first through the toll-free number, then through the pharmacies, now also on All vaccination centers can be selected except thehub of the Fair who needs a few more hours to reschedule the diaries. But all the other points (pharmacies, Asl districts, hospitals) are now widely supplied with mRna vaccines and therefore are able to support the requests of the over 60s who until a few days ago had no choice.

If on the one hand there is the race for Pfizer and Moderna, on the other cancellations for AstraZeneca are flooding, even more so after the two cases of thrombosis at San Martino: an 18 year old from Sestri Levante in a coma and a 34 year old from Savona who ended up in intensive care today. Despite this, and despite the warning from Franco Locatelli, member of the technical-scientific committee, who invited to a “reflection”After the episodes recorded in Genoa, Ligurian adults can always join the voluntary booking line for viral vector vaccines (including Johnson & Johnson).

“I have no direct competence, neither for study nor for life, to say what really needs to be done with vaccines – commented the president on the subject. Giovanni All -. I stick to what are the indications of the ISS, the technical-scientific committee and the commissioner structure that tell us that that vaccine is preferably usable (on the over 60s, ed) ma is authorized by Ema, which is the first drug regulatory agency, for all ages 18 and older. In the face of Ema’s opinion, Toti’s opinion counts rather little ”.

In the meantime, at 11.00 pm, bookings will start on the platform for age range between 25-29 while from Thursday it will be possible to book through all channels (pharmacies enabled for the Cup service, Cup ASL counters and hospitals). From tomorrow evening, in the same way, they will be able to book even 18-24 year olds. On the other hand, 7,650 bookings have been made for the 30-34 range that started last night.

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