here we are! Half ITALY with the NOSE INSU ‘. We tell you the starting TIME and the REGIONS concerned »

ECLIPSES OF SUN: here we are! Half ITALY with the NOSE INSU ‘. We tell you the start TIME and the REGIONS concerned

A partial solar eclipse is comingHere we are: today, Thursday 10 June there will be aeclipse of the sun that in Italy will result partial, while it will be possible to see its entirety on the northern areas of Canada, Greenland, Russia and the North Pole.

But what is an eclipse? It is an optical phenomenon, observed from the Earth, of darkening of all or part of the solar disk by the Moon, which occurs during the new moon.
It’s a quite rare event as the Sun, Moon and Earth must be perfectly aligned in this order; that is, it is possible only when the Moon, whose orbit is inclined by five degrees with respect to the ecliptic, intersects the latter, at a point called a node.
When the node is located between the Earth and the Sun, the shadow of the Moon passes in some points of the earth’s surface and we witness a solar eclipse. If, on the other hand, the node is on the opposite side, there is a lunar eclipse.

Thursday 10 June half of Italy will be able to observe a small solar eclipse our star will in fact be darkened of 10-12%. Not much, it is true, but it is a rather fascinating phenomenon nonetheless.
As shown in the attached map all northern regions and part of those central will be able to witness this phenomenon. At the Center it will be possible to observe it from all the provinces of the Tuscany, dall’Umbria (a large part of Perugia) and from Market (Ancona, Macerata and Pesaro).
Instead, it will be invisible from the rest of Italy.

START TIME. Depending on the city we live in (those who live further north will see the solar disk cover a little more) the starting time will vary: in fact, it will pass from 11.28 from Aosta all 12.07 of Ancona.

ATTENTION. Should not be NEVER look directly at the Sun in your instrument (camera, smartphone, telescope or telescope), if not adequately protected by special filters. You could in fact run into permanent damage to eyesight.

Visibility zones of the eclipse



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