Battlefield 2042 is official, the trailer is incredible

Battlefield 2042 is official, the trailer is incredible
Battlefield 2042 is official, the trailer is incredible

In recent weeks the leaks on the next chapter of Battlefield have become more and more insistent. We have seen how DICE had to run for cover by declaring that, because of these, they had to postpone the announcement of the trailer to June. Several days ago we discovered that today the American company would have published the spectacular and highly anticipated reveal video.

The rumors have followed one another at a fast pace, with many rumors that have tried to shed light well in advance on a series of details such as: the setting, the multiplayer mode and various new features. Well, from the trailer that you can view right below we can say that some insiders have taken us in full. Battlefield 2042, this is the name of the chapter coming out soon, it is reality. The trailer, as expected, turns out to be nothing short of spectacular with DICE putting a lot of emphasis on explosions, combat drones, special abilities that can make us jump from platform to platform, and much more.

The game interface seems to have changed, with some small additions to roles that are going to impersonate within the game and above all a different management of the equipment at our disposal. Unfortunately, we do not know a release date, but DICE has revealed in the trailer that the next June 13 will be shown a real gameplay, it is possible that it will be revealed during that day. In the meantime, enjoy the explosive trailer released a few minutes ago, enjoy.

In Battlefield 2042 Russia and U.SA. they find themselves on the brink of a terrible war. The military of the two factions will use every means at their disposal to shape the future to their advantage. In multiplayer mode there will be, at least for the moment, 7 different maps containing 128 players. You will be able to modify weapons, gadgets and vehicles in battle. Finally, you can buy three versions of the title: standard, gold e ultimate edition. We invite you to stay tuned to our pages to discover additional news regarding this promising chapter.

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Battlefield official trailer incredible

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