the reconquest of Rome starts from Ostia

09 June 2021 09:19

The Lidense traction electoral committee was no coincidence. With the faithful Paolo Ferrara and the group leader Giuliano Pacetti in the front row, an election dinner was held yesterday in Ostia Antica to support Virginia Raggi. Obviously present was the first town that entertained the approximately 400 five-star activists present by speaking for an hour in the center of the outdoor space that housed the tables.

From refusals to budgets, passing through the weaknesses of the center-right (without a candidate) and center-left (with weak candidates, according to Raggi), the first town tried to reinforce the troops in the X municipality, a pentastellate stronghold, from which the reconquest of Rome restarts. It is no coincidence that the first words were addressed to the activists: “Sometimes there have been difficulties in relations between spokespersons and activists. Perhaps we have not been as present as we would have liked. Even if we said it each time: we must be more present with the our activists. My thanks go to you for resisting. ”

Applause and choirs, all dedicated to her. As well as the cake, or rather 5 cakes that in the customary photo made up the inscription Raggi. And down again choirs, photos and shots for social media. The election dinner took place at Tenuta dei Piani, in the Ostia Antica area. Four hundred people present, all seated on tables for four people outside. The cost of participation is thirty euros: of these ten went to the self-financing of the electoral campaign.

Satisfied Paolo Ferrara, head of the electoral committee and already focused on the challenge that awaits him. To RomaToday he explains: “With a sense of responsibility we will actively take care of the organization, promotion and coordination of events in the city of Rome, meetings between citizens and municipal, regional, national and European spokespersons of the 5 Star Movement for the dissemination of the program of the 5 Star Movement for administrative 2021 in the capital. Over the years I have held many roles and I have always done it with the utmost commitment but this will be a further challenge for me to carry on until victory.


reconquest Rome starts Ostia

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