Fear in flight for Joe Bastianich: what happened

Fear in flight for Joe Bastianich: what happened
Fear in flight for Joe Bastianich: what happened

Moments of panic on a Delta Air Lines flight he was also on Joe Bastianich. A man broke out from the cockpit and some passengers were forced to step in to block him, tie him up and hand him over to the authorities. The scene was filmed by the popular judge of MasterChef, who with his mobile phone immortalized the moment when the madman was tied up and dragged along the central corridor.

Joe Bastianich chose to share the few seconds of the video on his Instagram channel, drawing the attention of his followers to the incredible story he lived. The Italian-American businessman was on board the flight of the US flag carrier, Delta Air Lines, 386 took off from Los Angeles and headed for Nashville. And on the web he said: “A madman rushed into the cockpit screaming that the plane had to land“. In describing the scene, Bastianich invited his followers to”do not take drugs“, implying that the madman on board the aircraft was under the effects of some narcotic substance.

The man, in an evident state of alteration, was however blocked by some passengers who, without worrying about the possible consequences, intervened: “Some brave passengers pinned him, pinned him to the ground and then tied him up“. In movie shared on his Instagram page by the former judge of MasterChef, who in New York has some very popular Italian restaurants, some passengers are seen dragging on the ground, along the central aisle, a man tied with yellow plastic tape at the feet and wrists . A surreal scene shot with a mobile phone and that says a lot about the bad experience lived by Bastianich.

The bad episode did not in fact end with the madman immobilized. The pilot was forced to a emergency landing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, when the flight was halfway through its route. The man was handed over to local authorities and the passengers were forced to an unexpected stopover, blocked for hours to allow the identification of the passenger, who had freaked out. The video shared on social media by Joe Bastianich went viral in a very short time and someone made fun of linking the episode to that of the Italian who, days ago, had gone wild on a flight to Milan returning from Ibiza.


Fear flight Joe Bastianich happened

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