new red zone for Valledolmo

new red zone for Valledolmo
new red zone for Valledolmo

Editorial board
09 June 2021 20:18

Three new “red areas” in Sicily. These are the municipalities of Valledolmo (Palermo), Aidone (Enna) and Francofonte (Syracuse). This is foreseen by an order of the president of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci, which will be effective from Friday (11 June) until Thursday 17 June inclusive.

The provision was made necessary following the epidemiological reports of the Asps which highlighted a considerable increase in Covid positive subjects, and was taken after informing the competent mayors. With the same ordinance, the extension of the restrictive measures was also ordered (again until June 17) for Prizzi, in the province of Palermo.


red zone Valledolmo

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