Who is Adolfo Urso, the senator of the Brothers of Italy, the new president of Copasir

Who is Adolfo Urso, the senator of the Brothers of Italy, the new president of Copasir
Who is Adolfo Urso, the senator of the Brothers of Italy, the new president of Copasir

Adolfo Urso is the new president of Copasir, the Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic. The election with seven votes and a blank ballot. To make it known is theAnsa. Urso is a senator of Brothers of Italy. The two leaguers, resigning members, Raffaele Volpi and Paolo Arrigoni were absent from the vote. Il Carroccio had shown himself to be reluctant to give up the position of Copasir.

The Presidency of the Committee belongs to the opposition. The election puts an end to weeks of stalemate and controversy, especially within the center-right between the League and the Brothers of Italy. Copasir had been without a guide since last May 20, when Volpi resigned his mandate. Urso collected the votes of Dieni, Castiello and Cattori of the 5 Star Movement, of Fazzone and Vito of Forza Italia, of Borghi of the Democratic Party and of Magorno of Italia Viva. The new president got one more preference than needed to take office.

“Congratulations and good work from me and from Brothers of Italy to Adolfo Urso, new president of the Parliamentary Committee for the security of the Republic – declared the president of Fratelli d’Italia Giorgia Meloni – And our thanks to the outgoing president Raffaele Volpi for the work done. Already as vice president of Copasir, Senator Urso had demonstrated skills and competence and we are sure that he will be able to fill this important and delicate position in the same way, always in the interest of the Nation and the Italians ”. Meloni, constantly growing in the polls, and leader of the opposition party, collects a significant victory in the face to face with Salvini within the center-right.

Urso is 63 years old, was born in Padua and lived in Sicily. On his blog he defines himself as a “journalist, entrepreneur, politician and father of three children. I love my country and I believe I have always served it with dignity and competence ”. He began his political career in Italian Social Movement. He is president of the association Making the Future and was one of the founders of National Alliance, a member of the National Constituent Assembly which in Fiuggi, on January 22, gave shape to the party wanted by Gianfranco Fini. He was elected to Parliament in 1996 and in the second and third Berlusconi government he was Deputy Minister of Productive Activities with responsibility for Foreign Trade. After the 2008 election, as a candidate with the People of Freedom, he became undersecretary for economic development and, since 2009, deputy minister with responsibility for foreign trade.

After the break between Berlusconi and Fini he moved to Futuro a Libertà and in 2010 he resigned and left Fli. he founded the association Fareitalia in which 50 parliamentarians and regional councilors took part with the aim of “creating the cultural and political conditions for the birth of a new center-right that is truly liberal and supportive, modern and European, within the framework of a mature bipolarism”. He founded the consulting company in 2013 Italy World Services, a consulting company that deals with the internationalization of companies and the promotion of made in Italy in the world, a company that also works in Iran. League secretary Matteo Salvini has overshadowed Urso’s alleged ties with the Islamic Republic in recent weeks. With the Brothers of Italy he was elected in the elections of March 2018 and became a member of the third Permanent Commission (Foreign Affairs and Emigration) and Vice President of Copasir from 18 July 2018.

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