SERKAN cuffs EDA, that’s why

SERKAN cuffs EDA, that’s why
SERKAN cuffs EDA, that’s why

The breakup of the false engagement with Eda Yildiz (Hande Ercel), interrupted due to the intrigues of Kaan Karadag (Ismail Ege Şaşmaz), spingerà Serkan Bolat (Kerem Bursin) to force his hand in the next Italian episodes of Love Is In The Air. In fact, the handsome architect will do everything possible to be alone with the beautiful florist and convince her to return to work at Art Life, but his plan will only partially succeed …

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Love Is In The Air, news: Eda returns the engagement ring to Serkan

As you could find out from our previous posts dedicated to advances of the Turkish telenovela, everything will begin when Kaan will put on the market a chandelier designed by Serkan thanks to the bond of “convenience” that he will have established with the naive Melo (Elçin Afacan). As soon as he realizes the theft, Bolat will therefore accuse Eda of what happened, since she was the only one who owned the original design (as she was in charge of going to patent it).

Thanks to a series of events, Yildiz will thus be able to bring together all the pieces of the puzzle and understand that Karadag is the real thief, but she will not at all want to reconnect with Serkan despite having begun to feel real feelings for him. At that point, after bringing him the evidence of Kaan’s guilt, Eda will inform Bolat that the farce of their engagement is over and, for this very reason, she will return the flower-shaped ring he had given her. From here the conditions will be created for the continuation of the storyline …

Love is In the Air, spoiler: this time it is Serkan to handcuff Eda!

Oh yes: even if he falls in love with Eda, Serkan will not want to know how to put aside his pride and, rather than apologize for how he behaved, he will study a way to get her back in the architectural studio; during a dialogue with the shareholder Noone (Anıl İlter), our protagonist will show himself convinced of the fact that only in that way will Yildiz agree to be at his side again.

Obviously, one of Serkan’s objectives will also be to knock out his rival Karadag once and for all and ask for time to Fikret to give him the proofs capable of demonstrating that the architect – due to the enormous economic expenses – cannot build the hotel obtained thanks to an incorrect contract.

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Needless to say, Serkan will also want to involve Eda in the construction of that hotel, which he hopes to get back, and will ensure that Melo informs him of the place where his “ex” usually goes every Saturday. When he gets there, the Bolat will try to explain himself to the girl, but she just doesn’t want to listen to him.

However, Serkan will have an ace up his sleeve to play: he will handcuff Eda, exactly as she did in their first meeting, to force her to follow him to a mountain chalet of his family !!!!

Love Is In The Air, plots: Eda agrees to help Serkan for 24 hours!

It must be said that there will be several unexpected events, including a bed that Eda and Serkan will have to share for a night as a very strong storm will cause them to get stuck in the chalet. The two at that point will seem to gradually get closer and, between a fight and the other, they will also spend intense moments together.

In any case, during those hours, Serkan will not be able to ask Eda’s forgiveness for not trusting her enough and will only offer her to help him find the information against Kaan to discredit him with Fikret. Although disappointed, Yildiz will therefore agree to come to the man’s rescue, but will specify that she will only be at his side for 24 hours … To stay updated on this topic, follow us on Google News by going to this page and clicking the button with the “star”.

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