Covid, a possible new wave in September: the Pregliasco alarm

Covid, a possible new wave in September: the Pregliasco alarm
Covid, a possible new wave in September: the Pregliasco alarm

A September we may find ourselves having to deal with one again new wave coronavirus, this is the alarm raised by Fabrizio I pray, lecturer at the State University of Milan.

According to the expert, the risk is that at the end of the summer the virus could return to run just as it is happening right now in UK where the number of new cases and hospitalizations is starting to rise again mainly due to the Delta variant.

Covid, a possible new wave in September

At the end of the summer we may have to live again with yet another wave of viruses, according to Professor Fabrizio Pregliasco: “This hypothesis exists and from a general point of view what we see in the United Kingdom is the presence of Indian variant, which we could also have “. As reported by the Messenger the virologist would also have talked about the recent openings of our country:

“I have always said we open carefully. We still have half a million people who can infect others in various forms and with varying intensity. Fortunately, what we see in England and which in my opinion we can also achieve here is not having a large number of serious cases thanks to the vaccination of fragile subjects”.

In fact, the professor reiterates that the vaccine it is the best weapon we have at our disposal to avoid serious infections and to resume a normal life, however it is necessary complete the cycle vaccination given that, as Pregliasco points out “The Indian variant punctured the first dose”.

In July off the masks

Ultimately, for the expert, “We see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s still dim” and we still have several months to go coexistence with the virus: “We will come to coexistence with the much more civilized virus. I believe that this will also require the third dose of vaccine, Covid will become endemic with low incidence “.

Precisely for this reason also the prevention measures will continue to keep us company for some time, concludes the expert: “It is not easy to say how long they will last. It is in fact a political decision. But at some point, when 50% of the population will be somehow protected, I believe July, perhaps the outdoor masks we can take them off. With Covid we must work with patience, we are managing uncertainty “.

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