Open Day vaccines with AstraZeneca: a serious 18 year old. Controversy, pros and cons

Open Day vaccines with AstraZeneca: a serious 18 year old. Controversy, pros and cons
Open Day vaccines with AstraZeneca: a serious 18 year old. Controversy, pros and cons

It is right for a person to introduce himself freely to a open day (be it AstraZeneca rather than Pfizer) e decide independently that “that vaccine is good for him” without a precise indication of a doctor who identifies the most suitable vaccine for that person (based on individual characteristics and age group) among the vaccines available? This is the question that many (experts and politicians) are asking after the case of an 18 year old in serious condition after being vaccinated during a Open Day con AstraZeneca.

Meanwhile thelatest medical bulletin speaks of “No change in the girl’s clinical condition 18 years old, operated on twice after a thrombosis in Genoa. “It remains stable in its severity,” according to Adnkronos Salute since San Martino Polyclinic of the Ligurian capital. The girl was vaccinated with AstraZeneca’s vaccine on May 25 on an open day. A case on which the judiciary wants to see clearly if it wants to understand if the young woman could have been operated on two days earlier. That’s what the prosecutor wants to verify Stefano Puppo and the adjunct Francesco Pinto who have opened a file without the hypothesis of a crime on the matter. The conceivable crime would be to lnegligent exions however, it can only be prosecuted upon complaint by a party. The magistrates asked the health management for all the documentation relating to the vaccination process, but also to what happened from the first access to the emergency room, through discharge, and the second hospitalization. The girl received the vaccine on May 25 during an open day. On June 3 she went to the emergency room with headache and photophobia. It had been subjected to tac brain and neurological examination, both negative, and was discharged with a recommendation to repeat blood tests after 15 days. On June 5 she returned to the emergency room with motor deficits. Subjected to brain scan ‘with hemorrhagic outcome’, she was immediately transferred to the neurosurgery of the San Martino hospital where she had undergone two operations. In the prosecutor’s office there are currently four open files for people who have died after vaccination. The first case concerns the 32-year-old teacher Francesca Tuscano who was inoculated with AstraZeneca. The latest suspected death, on the other hand, is on May 15 and concerns a frail 83-year-old woman who was administered Pfizer. The four cases are being dealt with by the coroner Luca Tajana together with the haematologist Franco Piovella.

Precisely this episode opened a discussion regarding the lawfulness of vaccination Open Days. Occasions where a certain number of a specific vaccine is made available and where it is possible to show up without a reservation and undergo vaccination.

Who believes there is a excessive warning about the dangers of the Open Days with AstraZeneca underlines how this vaccine has been approved by the international drug agencies for people over 18 years (although it is recommended in several cases for the over 60s). Not only. For many, this situation only favors disinformation and discourages vaccinations. “We have precise indications from the European Medicines Agency Ema, implemented by the Italian Medicines Agency Aifa”, on how use AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine optimizing the risk-benefit ratio. “We must absolutely adhere to these indications” and “it is sad to still see messages that create uncertainty in people, with the very serious consequence of encouraging abstention from vaccination”. Thus to Adnkronos Salute Maria Rita Gismondo, director of the Laboratory of clinical microbiology, virology and diagnostics of bioemergencies at the Sacco hospital in Milan, speaking on the controversy that arose around the vaccination Open Days also aimed at young and very young people, while for the Anglo-Swedish vaccine ‘Aifa has defined the use of people over 60 as preferential.

“I am very happy with the open days to vaccinate young people, what I do not explain is why not use Pfizer over Astrazeneca, it almost seems that you are using it because you want to finish the doses you have. The data are incontrovertible, in the young population perhaps the game is not worth the candle “. This was emphasized by Valeria Poli, president of the Italian Society of Biophysics and Molecular Biology and one of the signatories of the letter sent by the Luca Coscioni association to the Government and to the Commissioner Son against the administration of the Astrazeneca and J&J vaccines to young people, intervened in the broadcast ‘Italy has awakened’ on Radio Cusano Campus. “The Astrazeneca and J&J vaccines are effective in protecting against serious illness, but they have the characteristic, that they do not share with mrna vaccines that they can cause very serious rare events – says Poli – On Astrazeneca we have more data, the latest British report shows that there have been approximately 2 cases of thrombosis in 100 thousand between the ages of 20 and 49 and far fewer cases for the over 50s. Aifa recommends the administration of these vaccines over the age of 60. At a time when the virus circulates so little it makes no sense to subject young people to this risk, who risk very little from Covid “, remarks the scientist.” Fear is created when there is no clear information. I think what to say ‘we keep Astrazeneca for the over 60s because there the risk-benefit is absolutely in favor of the benefit ‘would not have created so much vaccination hesitation on Astrazeneca. Vaccines are not all the same, it is a question of knowing them in order to use them in the correct way – he adds – Some scientists are perhaps deviating from pure data analysis to meet political needs, such as not creating vaccination hesitancy or not wanting to contradict. Scientists have to expose themselves and talk to people. “

Basta Open Day. Vaccinate in family doctors’ offices to focus on the quality of the vaccination, administered by a doctor who knows the patient well, and not on the quantity “. To tell Adnkronos Salute Silvestro Scotti, national secretary of the Federation of general practitioners (Fimmg), commenting on the letter from 24 vaccinating doctors who – after the case of the 18-year-old suffering from thrombosis after having AstraZeneca’s anti-Covid vaccine on an Open Day, and hospitalized in Genoa – said they were opposed to this formula that allows the administration of the viral vector vaccine under the age of 40. “I do not agree with these positions – said Scotti – Today for all vaccines, without exception, the risk-benefit calculation is always in favor of vaccines. But I believe that vaccination in our studies is the quality choice to be undertaken”. Instead, “the Open days continue to go in the direction of quantitative vaccination compared to the qualitative one that we propose, that is the possibility of bringing it back to a medical procedure. This means – he specifies – a doctor who makes all the assessments related to the benefit risk and that he can do it starting from all the specific characteristics of the patient. And at that point, having it available, offer him the best vaccine for his condition “. Among other things, family doctors, as they have shown with the flu vaccinations, are also able to” quickly guarantee the vaccination coverage of their patients “. , remembered Scotti. The Open Days, adds the Fimmg secretary, “are certainly increasing the numbers,” but we should understand how much the numbers of subjects with multiple pathologies are increasing. This formula, with the rush to vaccination, does not allow full awareness of the process It is no coincidence that we we get hundreds of phone calls from kids’ parents who sign up for the Open Days. In all phases: before, during and after. I spend my days giving information and this is a misunderstood job compared to the Open Days “. In the specific case of the young woman suffering from thrombosis in Genoa, Scotti notes that” in this case one cannot point the finger at the formula for administering the vaccine ” Even if it were to be ascertained a link, at the moment only suspect, with the vaccine “there are no particular predictive indicators of these very rare effects”.

“The Regions must stop competing to see who vaccinates the most without putting safety first”. The open days based on AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccines, both viral vectors, “It is very wrong” to propose them to young people and “especially to women. I have always been convinced that they should not be given to people under the age of 55 ». He affirmed it Antonella Viola, immunologist, professor of general pathology in Padua, scientific director of the pediatric research institute Città della Speranza. «To have no doubts – the press agencies report – just read a work published in Science magazine where it is explained how as you go down with age the risks of receiving these vaccines far outweigh the benefits – he underlines -. On the other hand, in younger people the danger of having serious consequences due to Covid is very low. That’s why the France has decided to limit the two viral vector vaccines to people over 55“. Here, the Aifa drug agency’s recommendation is for a preferential use over the age of 60, while the EMA has not placed any limitations. “That recommendation should be clearer and more peremptory – he underlines -. Especially since, compared to when it was widespread, the epidemic situation in Italy has changed a lot. The virus circulates less, we have doses of vaccine at will. So there is no reason to rush to vaccinate »,« it is worth choosing the safest vaccine in relation to age. In these cases, Pfizer and Moderna preparations based on messenger RNA. Even so, we would arrive in September with a large part of the population immunized ».

“We are sure that the” anti-Covid “vaccine works and is effective and safe. I have a lot of faith in both Ema and Aifa, and there are very rare reported cases of adverse reactions. We are continuing to study them but an effect “such as vaccination” which is absolutely positive cannot be questioned, “he said, answering a question about the controversy raised by some experts on the ‘opening’ of the Open Days with the vaccine. AstraZeneca also for the youngest, after the case of the 18-year-old girl, in serious condition at the San Martino hospital in Genoa, due to a cerebral thrombosis.

“It is right to keep checking, checking to study all adverse cases – added Speranza – but the basic message can only be clear and simple: vaccines are and remain the fundamental weapon we have to close this dramatic season “. The minister invites” everyone to watch objectively the number of deaths. Not only in Italy, we have had very, very high numbers from us in a few days we arrived at 7-800 dead, now we have been under 100 for a few weeks, but for me the best day will be when we have zero deaths. I look forward to that day with all possible anxiety “, he concluded.

“I would write that viral vector vaccines are not recommended under the age of 60 unless you want to narrow it down to 40 or 30. It is especially important that young women know that these compounds have a higher risk for them than men for the development of rare thrombosis accompanied by platelet deficiency. ” He also points out that «in a document dated April 23, the EMA published a graph that clearly shows how the benefit of receiving AstraZeneca decreases with age in an epidemic situation comparable to ours today. A 20-29 year old boy has a 4 in 100,000 chance of avoiding hospitalization for Covid e 1.9 likelihood of having post-vaccination thrombosis. Let’s take the 60-69 range: 19 cases out of 100 thousand of avoided hospitalization, compared to the case of thromboembolism, half ». Did we understand why women are the most exposed? “It hasn’t been clarified yet. That hormonal treatments are an element of predisposition remains only a hypothesis, “explained the immunologist Viola.

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