Basketball, Scudetto Final: Virtus Bologna-Olimpia Milano 76-58 in game-3

Basketball, Scudetto Final: Virtus Bologna-Olimpia Milano 76-58 in game-3
Basketball, Scudetto Final: Virtus Bologna-Olimpia Milano 76-58 in game-3

Djordjevic’s team also wins the third match 76-58. Olympia on the edge of the abyss

by our correspondent Andrea Tosi

June 9
– bologna

Virtus never stops. In the bedlam of his Segafredo Arena, festive and proud to see his team again at these levels, he signs the point of 3-0 which is worth the virtual championship. The only thing missing is a victory that could arrive as early as Friday here in Bologna because the fate of this final is now sealed: Bologna too strong, Milan too cooked. Kyle Weems is the MVP marked by delirious fans.


Race-3 is already an exam back to the wall for Milan that after the 0-2 collected in the two home games tries to change the waltz of the foreigners leaving out the injured Delaney and the waning LeDay and raising the wall of physicality with the grafts of Micov and Tarczewski to hold up the best athletic condition in Bologna. Messina wastes no time and immediately inserts the two substitutes in the first quintet alongside Rodriguez. At the beginning the tension is cut with a knife, both make a lot of mistakes, Ricci unlocks the score from three, but there is never continuity in attack. Milan makes the first pass with Shields, always with a triple. All offensive possessions are very impromptu. With the start of the rotations, no one draws the good joker. Teodosic makes a couple of mistakes, then it’s up to Belinelli to miss a shot that usually scores with his eyes closed. On the first siren comes the first ring of Teodosic which gives Virtus 17-16. King Milos returns with a 3 + 1, there is Pajola who plays a lot, ripping recoveries from the ground, then Alibegovic with three jumps slips from under the 23-16 that smells of internal extension forcing Messina to call an emergency time-out. Virtus has a strong break that touches the 14-0 for the 28-16 with a treble from the right corner of Beli. Olimpia seems to be on the edge of the ravine, Punter saves her with 8 personal points that she mends paired with Shields, a counterpart of 0-9 taking advantage of the frenzy of Virtus who lets herself be enticed by too many three-point shots. Now the game is dirty and nervous again, mistakes are countless. Brooks completes the comeback with the overtaking of three immediately canceled by Weems who becomes a factor with his 10 points at the break (37-34). In the second half Bologna tries again the shot, triple from Weems and Teodosic, then Veronica by Alibegovic for the new +12 (49-37) but here the pride of Datome wakes up, producing 7 points and the return. The game is a bullfight, there is yet another return and overtaking of Milan inspired by an omnipresent Datome at 49-50. At the third siren it is 52 even with Weems at 18, followed by Datome at 14. The last quarter is the consecration of Pajola who scores from below, from three, steals balls, defends to death and with Weems, the best for continuity, and Markovic’s support reissues the third +12 (68-56) but it doesn’t end there. There are also triples from Teodosic and another from Pajola. There is no more history. Bologna celebrates, Milan will try to explain this collapse too.
V. Bologna: Weems 23, Teodosic 12, Pajola 10
Milan: Datome 14, Shields 14, Punter 11

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Basketball Scudetto Final Virtus BolognaOlimpia Milano game3

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