Bring your cell phone to service, what the technician finds is hilarious

The photo is making the rounds of the web. A man brought his broken cell phone to service, but what the tech finds out is hilarious

Man brings cell phone to assistance, but the “surprise” is hilarious (Adobe Stock)

A news that is unbelievable. A man brought his broken cell phone in assistance, to figure out what’s wrong and get it fixed. Or at least, this is what apparently happened. After opening the rear compartment of the smartphone, the technician found himself in front a “surprise” to say the least hilarious.

A card with a rather eloquent message written in pen.Hi, please tell my wife you failed to fix this phone. So he doesn’t check the messages on WhatsApp ” the content, immediately shared by the technician sui social network and already gone viral. But that’s not all! The note ends with “50 euros are yours, thank you !!“. Right under the battery, here is the tick promised banknote.

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Mobile phone in assistance, the photo that is making the rounds of the web

Here is the image that is making the rounds of the web

The photo of the cell phone brought in for assistance by suspect husband has obviously already gone viral. The service technician did not think twice, and immediately shared everything on the various social networks. Several pages with thousands of followers then reposted the image, making it circulate even faster. Perhaps not quite what the man wanted, who now risks being discovered by his wife and going to a bad end.

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In the end, those 50 euros inserted under the phone battery (apparently) broken they were a sort of guarantee not to let the technician talk. The latter preferred glory to money, creating content that immediately went viral on the internet. It goes without saying that users are going crazy and re-sharing the photo pretty much everywhere. Most likely it has already appeared to you too your Facebook or WhatsApp. What happened to the unfortunate husband? Did he remain vague or confessed everything to his wife?


Bring cell phone service technician finds hilarious

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