Italy ready for the European Championships, Gravina: ‘We feel the enthusiasm of the country’

Italy ready for the European Championships, Gravina: ‘We feel the enthusiasm of the country’
Italy ready for the European Championships, Gravina: ‘We feel the enthusiasm of the country’

The FIGC president on the sidelines of the inauguration of Casa Azzurri: “When a national team plays on the pitch, an entire country goes there, it will be the European of hope. ‘goal is to take a flight all together and go to Wembley for the final. ” And on the future of Italian football: “We can no longer postpone solutions to problems we all know”


We feel a lot of enthusiasm, people want to dream and feel this sense of hope. He needs someone who indicates a horizon towards which we must all aim together. “The president of the FIGC Gabriele Gravina this is how he tells the microphones of Sky Sport the atmosphere that is accompanying the national team in the debut at the European Championship, scheduled Friday at 9pm against Turkey in Rome. It did so on the occasion of the inauguration of Casa Azzurri, the structure that has accompanied Italy since 1998 on the occasion of major international tournaments. “When a national team plays on the pitch, an inter country goes thereor – the certainty of Gravina – this the guys trained by Mancini have known for some time and continue to give this joy, this way of experiencing events beyond the value of sporting competition. They are global events, which involve everyone and put everyone in a position to rejoice. We hope to do it for as long as possible “.

“The dream? Take a flight to Wembley”

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“Listening to the anthem excites me – admits Gravina – as it does for all Italians who love this country. The sporting tension increases by the hour and we begin to realize that the moment of kick-off is about to arrive. We have experienced a moment of great depression and the country wants to start again. Perceiving this joy and seeing the people who revolve around this world smile excites me. “Then head to the field:”The national team must continue to cultivate this enthusiasm, knowing that as in all competitions there is only one winner. We need to be able to better manage our path, which is based on a not very dated project. We have to keep working and we know we have a competitive team. We have to compete with better equipped realities than us, which have started their path earlier. But in football everything is possible: the goal is to take a flight all together and go to Wembley for the final“.

“Future? The balance between revenues and costs is fundamental”

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The event is also an opportunity to talk about issues discussed in the Federal Council: “We have become aware of a need – underlines Gravina – we can no longer postpone the search for solutions to problems we all know. We can’t hide the dust under the carpet and we have to start working decisively. We have before us a period in which the comparison and balance between revenues and costs will be one of the main points of federal policy. There are two assets that clubs should focus on: youth sectors and infrastructure. “The inspiration to restart is also in the images of Casa Azzurri, as in the World Cup won in 1982: “Review two figures like Enzo Bearzot, with whom I had the pleasure of sharing my experience in the technical sector of Coverciano as vice president when he was president, and a President of the Republic as Sandro Pertini, who was a moderate ultras, shows us that football can do things for which it should be protected in the best possible way “.

“Casa Azzurri contains the history of our football”

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Set up a Roma in a portion of the former Atac Vittoria depot, Casa Azzurri will host a food area, a pub, a bar, a conference room and an exhibition by the National team. From 10 to 20 June, concerts, workshops, shows, exhibitions and aperitifs are scheduled every day from 12 to midnight: among the protagonists also Negramaro, Alessandra Amoroso, Nek, Virginio and Ermal Meta. “A place where, in addition to the Olympic Stadium, Fr.we will get to share those emotions that we have lost for too long – Gravina defines it – and of which we have been deprived by the pandemic. We wanted to put together the desire to leave, to dream after many months of blocking our daily activities and the possibility of fully experiencing sports competitions. We want to start living with open eyes what can be a dream, in a location that contains the history of our football, the historical memory of the national team “.

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