The center-right makes a bang: shock survey for Conte & Co.

The center-right makes a bang: shock survey for Conte & Co.
The center-right makes a bang: shock survey for Conte & Co.

The League is stable, Forza Italia grows and Fratelli d’Italia stands firmly behind the Carroccio taking advantage of the further downward slide of the Democratic Party: overall center right, therefore, it leads to almost + 12% compared to the Giallorossi rivals. This is the data reported by Alessandra Ghisleri of Euromedia Research for today’s episode of “Porta a porta”.

The party led by Matteo Salvini loses 0.3% compared to the voting intentions recorded during the last week by the same research institute: nevertheless, the Carroccio holds its own with 21.5% of the votes. Brothers of Italy, the team of Giorgia Meloni, the only one left in the opposition after the arrival of Mario Draghi at Palazzo Chigi, recorded a + 0.8% compared to the last survey by Euromedia Research, amounting to 19.8%. Slight growth also for Forza Italia (+ 0.1%), which would reach 6.6% of the votes. Alessandra Ghisleri then attributes an overall 1.4% to the other parties that would replenish the ranks of the center-right, including Coraggio Italia, Noi conItalia and Udc: compared to last week’s polls there is a + 0.2% .

By changing sides, however, there is a further step backwards for the Democratic party: with the loss of 0.8%, in fact, according to Euromedia Research, dems would stand at 18%. The Cinquestelle Movement regains ground in the Giallorossi field: the 2.0 grillini led by the national Giuseppi snatch 0.5% compared to last week, thus settling at 16%. On the left there is a slight growth of Liberi e equuali (Leu) composed of Mdp-Articolo1 (-0.4% for a 2.4% of consensus) and of the Italian Left (which registers a + 0.9% reaching the 1.7%).

Carlo Calenda’s share seems to be in decline: with the loss of 0.3% it reaches just 2.8%, but still better than Italia Viva which, thanks to + 0.6%, does not go beyond 2.4% of consensus. Laggards of the center left remain + Europe with 1.6% (+ 0.2% compared to last week) and the Federation of Greens-Green Europe with 1.6% (and a loss of 0.7 percentage points ). The other coalitions not deployed would currently reach 4.5% of consensus (-0.8% compared to last week’s data).

Overall, therefore, the center-right would reach 49.3% today, while the center-left + Movimento CinqueStelle would reach 38%. At the moment the abstainers and undecided ones would be 31.5%.


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