Lupo gets stuck on Ponte Europa and is hit by a car

TYROL. Accident in the night on the Europa bridge, in the Austrian section of the Brenner motorway. The victim but he is not a man, but a animated: a wolf to be precise. The predator, who ended up on the viaduct, was hit by a car traveling at 100 kilometers per hour, dying instantly.

Driving the vehicle was a 64-year-old Austrian man, who tried to swerve at the last minute but failed to avoid the animal. The carcass was later found in the middle lane by employees of Asfinag (the company that deals with Austrian motorways) and removed from the carriageway.

The Europa bridge, with its 190 meters high, is one of the highest viaducts on the continent. The hypothesis is that the animal ended up on the highway during its nocturnal movements and was no longer able to find an escape route., eventually arriving on the bridge where he was run over.

The wolf debate is still particularly heated in Austria after the return of these predators. The first pack had settled in 2016 and ever since the numbers have more than quintupled, going from 6 certified specimens to 32, a number detected in 2019. To contrast their presence on the territory are in particular shepherds and hunters, which require the establishment of areas free from wolves or even the total elimination of these from the Austrian territory.


Lupo stuck Ponte Europa hit car

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