ATA, the school employee can leave substitute for administrative assistant. The three cases

ATA substitutes from third-tier rankings: when can a school employee leave a substitute for administrative assistant? The cases analyzed in the light of the regulation of the ATA substitutes, Dm 430/2000 and the circular of the Ministry of 5 September 2020. To stay updated on the school regulations, subscribe to the magazine of Orizzonte Scuola plus

The question

Hello, I have applied for the third ATA band. In my case it was an update because I have already gained service. While waiting for the rankings, I ask you for an opinion: can I leave a substitute as a school assistant to accept one for administrative assistant?

Yes, it is possible to leave a temporary post as a school assistant to carry out one as an administrative assistant. But let’s see the three cases:

  • replacement until 30 June or 31 August: you can leave it only for another profile (e.g. cs for aa, the case of the reader)
  • another substitute until 30 June: you can accept another replacement until June 30 if you are not already in service until June 30
  • replacement from school rankings and provincial rankings: the staff in service by substitute conferred on the basis of the club and school rankings have the right to leave this substitute to accept another assigned on the basis of the provincial rankings

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Substitutes and school rankings: when ATA staff can leave an ongoing substitution without incurring penalties


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