Milan, the first driving course for electric scooters is underway

Milan, the first driving course for electric scooters is underway
Milan, the first driving course for electric scooters is underway

The new frontier of smart mobility arrives in the innovative Aci-Sara experimentation centers, which work on the mobility of the near future. After the success of the first edition held at the Aci Vallelunga Safe Driving Center in Rome, the launch of the course dedicated to the safe driving of electric scooters promoted by Link, a company of the sharing scooter service, took place this morning in Lainate (Milan). most advanced in its category, designed by Superpedestrian, the leading micromobility tech company released by MIT in Boston (Massachussets Institute of Technology).

The technology implemented by Link and the focus on safety have facilitated the union and the creation of collaboration with the Aci-Sara Safe Driving Centers which for some time have hinged on the close link between education and training, in line with what Link is already doing about the correct use of its vehicles. Aci-Sara and Link pursue the common goal of training and educating users to drive safely, respectful of all those on the road, with a view to environmental sustainability.

“The partnership with the Aci-Sara centers has made it possible to launch this important initiative in Milan as well, which represents a real turning point in our sector. It is the first time that a private company has decided to put itself at the service of citizens and launch a safe driving course for electric scooters on a national scale ”- commented Maurizio Pompili, Operation Manager Link Italy. “The phenomenon of electric micro-mobility, which exploded especially during the last year, can no longer do without an education program aimed at users of the electric scooter in respect of all road users”.

Thus the President of Aci Vallelunga, Carlo Alessi: “After the launch event in Rome, we are proud to have hosted this important initiative at the Aci-Sara Safe Driving Center in Lainate: having developed the partnership with LINK and making users such a technologically advanced vehicle represents an important milestone for our company, which is constantly looking for innovative and safe products to which to link its collaboration “.

The Aci Milano President Geronimo La Russa spoke at the press conference: “Automobile Club Milano with its structure and its experts has followed with great attention since its first steps the technological evolution and the use of scooters, emphasizing in particular the need safe vehicles and behaviors. Any initiative that increases the awareness of users who must be well aware, on the one hand, of the potential of these new vehicles and of their more rational use, on the other, of the necessary knowledge of road rules and for correct interaction, is welcome. with other vehicles. ”

Thus the Councilor for Mobility and Public Works of the Municipality of Milan Marco Granelli: “Micromobility represents an opportunity to diversify the movements in the urban environment and to lighten traffic. Easy, light, sustainable, the electric scooter is not a toy, however, the rules exist and must be respected to make it possible to coexist on the street and in safety of different vehicles. In Milan, all the companies that offer sharing must contribute with the Municipality to training and raising awareness among citizens. I therefore applaud this initiative: knowledge of the rules and awareness of the danger are the best prerequisites for our roads to be safe ”.

Source: AdnKronos

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