La Storta, Zingaretti: Municipality of Rome ignores suburbs

La Storta, Zingaretti: Municipality of Rome ignores suburbs
La Storta, Zingaretti: Municipality of Rome ignores suburbs

Rome, June 9 – “We do these jobs but the Municipality of Rome should have done them, which cares about the suburbs and subjects those who live in these quadrants of the city to continuous discrimination”. Nicola Zingaretti, usually reluctant to make controversy, goes straight against the Capitol. He did so on the occasion of the presentation of the works that the Lazio Region will carry out in the La Storta-Stazione area plan, an area in the XIV Municipality and on the northern outskirts of the Capital.

Here, through the subsidiary Astral, the redevelopment and completion of road works will be carried out, as well as a green area with games for children and a playground, for a total investment of 600 thousand euros.

“Thanks to your struggles, which have also been useful to us – said the governor of Lazio to the citizens present – and sorry for the delay, even if we have no responsibility. It is not right for citizens to be abandoned by institutions, especially for fundamental rights such as housing, transport, health, school and having fun. “

“This is a beautiful story, because finally these struggles have a concrete answer, and we are here to fill that gap between right and offer of service to which everyone is entitled, regardless of where they live”.

La Storta “is the fourth construction site of the area plans that starts – explained the regional councilor for urban planning, Massimiliano Valeriani – after Massimina, Settecamini and Monte Stallonara. Castelverde will start next week, we are ready to do it in many other situations: if the Municipality gives us the projects and the areas, the Region is there. This is our way of being present in Rome ”.

The intervention in Castelverde (Municipality VI) will cost 7.5 million, while for the following ones: Torresina 2 (XIV Municipality) for 2 million euros, Cesano (XV Municipality) for 3.5 million euros, Piansaccoccia (XIV Municipio) for 2.5 million euros and Colle Fiorito (XIV Municipio) for 3 million euros. These will be works for the construction of rolling tanks, roads, roundabouts, public lighting, sewer sections and sidewalks.

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