“A butcher”. Merlin’s reaction – Time

“A butcher”. Merlin’s reaction – Time
“A butcher”. Merlin’s reaction – Time

Giorgia Peretti

09 June 2021

“Movement a so much per kilo and Conte is a delicatessen”, a Gianluigi Paragone tranchant is a guest in the Wednesday 9 June episode of L’aria che tira. The morning political in-depth talk conducted by Myrta Merlino, on La 7, intercepts the leader of “Italexit” on the streets of Rome and never misses an opportunity to ask for a comment on Giuseppe Conte’s new 5-star Movement. The leader in pectore dei grillini was a guest in Giovanni Floris’s program “Dìmartedì” where he explained the new program of his future party. A moderate movement but not too much, different from the left of the Democratic Party but not too much, among the various new nuances listed by the former premier Conte, however, it seems that the original principles that have distinguished it will remain undisputed. After a very complicated divorce with the Cinquestelle, Paragone is pinched by Merlino: “Would you like to talk to the movement again now that a new leader in great shape has arrived?”. The response of the leader of Italexit is not long in coming: “My political thesis is in stark contrast to what the M5S has become. Di Maio did not just do a ‘mea culpa’ he did a thousand somersaults on what was the electoral program with whom we arrived in Parliament, I would invite everyone to reread it, which is the pact with the voters, I have not betrayed that pact “.

At this point Merlino inserts: “You look like Alessandro Di Battista, couldn’t you at this point make a new movement with him, since he told me the same things the other day?”. Paragone launches the jab: “It is not a question of names, I can also go for a beer with Alessandro but the problem is not making an alliance based on beer but on the basis of theses. And on those theses that the movement has betrayed, the movement has become something else ”. Then he continues with his thrust: “The rebirth had to take place on the basis of a congress, on congressional theses, here everything goes in spans, let’s do a little here, a little there … The m5s has become a movement a little on the kilo. I took a little longer than I do I leave? Yes, leave it as well. Here this is the change of the Cinquestelle. Conte has become a butcher ”.

The presenter lets out a laugh, then the director of Libero intervenes, Alessandro Sallusti, who takes it back: “I am sorry that an intelligent person like Paragone does not admit that that electoral program submitted to the voters 5 years ago was an absurd thing, inapplicable and unfair. If the program contains the principle that a mayor reached by a warrant notice must be pilloried regardless of the ruling, you understand that maybe there was something wrong there and someone noticed. To govern is not to announce slogans or principles, to govern is to govern and the original program was unsuitable “.

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