Rome, M5S loses majority even in XII Municipality, is overtaking

Wednesday 9 June 2021 – 19:49

Rome, M5S loses majority even in XII Municipality, is overtaking

The M5S remains a majority in 7 out of 15 municipalities

Rome, June 9 (askanews) – Virginia Raggi’s M5S also loses the majority in the XII Municipality. In fact, a historic activist from Monteverde, Giuliano Bisenti, who has long been in controversy with the central and peripheral administration on the management of public works and waste, has resigned from the pentastellato Group. The mini-mayor Silvia Crescimanno, close to the administrative elections, no longer has the numbers to govern and decrees the quasi-overtaking of the opposition in the decentralized administrations of the capital. That of the exodus from the M5S in the Municipalities is a plague that afflicts the Capitoline majority since the early years of the union. Raggi, in fact, had to convene new elections in the III Municipality of Montesacro and in the VIII in Garbatella, while in the IV and XI Municipalities of Tiburtina and Portuense Raggi managed not to go back to the polls, delegating the disheartened mini-mayors Roberta Della Casa and Mario Torelli to manage the territorial administrations in his stead. Finally, in VII Municipio, Monica Lozzi held the presidency despite having left the M5S to create her own movement, Civic Revolution, which will re-nominate her as opposed to Raggi. Elio Tomassetti, Pd group leader of the XII Municipality of Rome, pushes to hasten the overtaking: “Now President Crescimani takes note and resigns quickly, immediately allowing the opening of a new season for the XII Municipality”, he asks in a note.


Rome M5S loses majority XII Municipality overtaking

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