Cartabianca, “because it goes unnoticed”. Annalisa Chirico and the disturbing truth about the Saman Abbas case – Il Tempo

Cartabianca, “because it goes unnoticed”. Annalisa Chirico and the disturbing truth about the Saman Abbas case – Il Tempo
Cartabianca, “because it goes unnoticed”. Annalisa Chirico and the disturbing truth about the Saman Abbas case – Il Tempo

The more time passes, the more the story of Saman Abbas, the 18-year-old Pakistani who vanished into thin air for over a month after opposing an arranged marriage by her parents, is tinged with horror and mystery. In Cartabianca, in the episode of Tuesday 8 June, Bianca Berlinguer’s guest studio on Rai3 is the journalist and journalist Annalisa Chirico who condemns the silence that surrounds the case of Novellara. “There is a deafening silence on this story – reports Chirico – We have fought so many battles for women, we have heard so many debates on articles and feminine endings. What is the value of a human life? Because the story of Saman passes over in silence ?. “

In connection with the show there is Sumaya Abdel Qader, writer and city councilor in Milan who deals with new immigrants, works in anti-violence centers, and who explains: “Islam does not accept in any way and condemns arranged and forced marriages Unfortunately, in its diffusion, Islam encounters patriarchal, male chauvinist and misogynistic systems and systems are created that make women marginalized and discriminate against them “.

By Saman Abbas, the 18-year-old of Pakistani origins and resident in Novellara, in the province of Reggio Emilia, of whom there has been no news since last April 30 and for whose disappearance her parents, an uncle and two cousins ​​are registered in the register of suspects (one of which was stopped last week in Nimes, France), nothing has yet been found. The research of the body, however, continues and in the coming days, if the weather conditions allow it, the electromagnetometer could be used to identify the remains. She may have been deceived by her family or circumstances, which would have led her to believe she was safe. Yet his return to his family’s home probably determined his fate.

For days, the prosecutor has speculated that she is dead, although at the moment the searches of her body, around the house she shared with her family, have not led to any discovery. Yesterday the carabinieri released a video, recorded on April 29, in which three relatives of the young woman (all under investigation) can be recognized. According to investigative hypotheses, the three may have been filmed as they headed to dig a grave. The girl, who in November 2020 had asked for help from social workers, had opposed an arranged marriage and had been accompanied to an educational community in the Bolognese area. In April, however, the 18-year-old would return to Novellara, where her traces were later lost. The father, reached by telephone in Pakistan, in the days following the first checks on the case, had assured that his daughter was alive and that she was in Belgium. The version, however, was denied this morning by the Reggio prosecutor who, through the International Cooperation service, set up by the Ministry of the Interior, activated the Belgian police. After a series of checks, investigations and investigations, the local authorities confirmed the absence of the young woman in the area. Furthermore, according to what was confirmed by some investigative sources, an acquaintance of Saman, resident in Belgium, said he had not seen her for a long time.

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