they carry her away

they carry her away
they carry her away

Chaos on the Milan subway. An elderly passenger refused to wear a mask. The woman was carried away by weight

Getty immages/Clemente Marmorino

We still have before our eyes the terrible scene of the Honorable Vittorio Sgarbi carried out of the courtroom of the House last year. But certain things don’t just happen to the Honorable. It also happened to a woman in Milan. The woman – reports MilanToday – was traveling aboard the red line subway of the Lombard capital without the mask. The other passengers asked her to wear it but she refused. At that point the other passengers requested the intervention of the security and the “rebel” – who was sitting on the ground – was joined by the vigilantes and the police who lifted her and dragged her out of the vehicle, thus allowing the other passengers to continue. their race.

The vigilantes, before lift it up and take it away, had in turn tried to convince the woman to put the anti-Covid safety device on. But they didn’t get a positive response either. Eventually four men, including an ATM security guard and a policeman, picked her up and carried her out of the subway. The woman, apparently, she was an old woman.

Lombardy is not new to episodes of this type. Just a few days ago – remember Fanpage – a similar scene happened on the flight Ibiza-Bergamo: here a woman, also in this case without a mask, gave out into a rage. In the video – which was later published on social media – the woman is seen pulling another passenger by the hair and kicking other people on board the plane. Once they landed, then she was immediately stopped and reported by the Orio Al Serio police for injury and insult. The quarrel, in the beginning, had broken out not because of the missing mask but because the passenger had been recalled by the neighbor because she was taking up too much space, limiting movement to the other passengers.

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