another young woman in intensive care suffering from thrombosis-

another young woman in intensive care suffering from thrombosis-
another young woman in intensive care suffering from thrombosis-

At the Genoa hospital, in addition to the 18-year-old from Sestri Levante (who is still in serious condition), there is another young woman hospitalized in intensive care after being struck by thrombosis: both, in the days preceding the illness, had been administered Astrazeneca’s anti-covid vaccine. This was announced by the management of the Policlinico San Martino hospital. The latest case is that of a 34-year-old from Savona, who felt ill in the workplace on Tuesday afternoon and who, as the hospital note states, was subjected to fibrinolysis of some thrombi present in the venous part of the liver during the night. Currently the patient admitted to intensive care in spontaneous breathing. The 34-year-old, who was vaccinated on May 27, in anticoagulant therapy and will be subjected to precautionary angiographic investigations of the cerebral circulation – says the hospital management -. Continuing the situation of low blood platelet level in the blood, the patient needs monitoring at the intensive care.

The 18enne

Meanwhile, always very serious, but stable, the 18-year-old girl from Sestri Levante, who since 7 June always hospitalized in the resuscitation of the San Martino polyclinic, due to a cavernous sinus thrombosis after she was vaccinated on May 25 by participating in the open day with Astrazeneca. The girl had undergone a neuroradiology operation to mechanically remove the thrombus and subsequently the neurosurgical team intervened for an operation aimed at relieving the intracranial pressure resulting from the hemorrhage. For both cases they were the procedures for reporting adverse advent to AIFA have been activated, who will have to make all necessary investigations to clarify the direct correlation between vaccination and thrombosis.

Covid vaccine: insights

The immunologist Viola

Just today, on the pages of the Courier service, about the administration of the Astrazeneca preparation to young women, the immunologist Antonella Viola, from the University of Padua, intervened: very wrong to propose these vaccines to young people, especially women – he said (read the full article here) -. I have always been convinced that they should not be given to people under the age of 55. To have no doubts just read a work published in the magazine Science where it is explained how as we age the risks of receiving these vaccines far outweigh the benefits. In younger people, the danger of having serious consequences due to Covid is very low. This is why France has decided to limit the two viral vector vaccines to people over 55.

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young woman intensive care suffering thrombosis Corriereit

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