Danieli inaugurates the “most advanced steel plant in the world”

Danieli inaugurates the “most advanced steel plant in the world”
Danieli inaugurates the “most advanced steel plant in the world”

A new steel processing line inaugurated on Tuesday 8 June at the Abs in Udine, the wait for Metinvest’s confirmation of the project for the new steel plant in Trieste, the supply to the Ukrainians of the plants to build a rolling mill at home, the orders just signed by the Arvedi group for the cold area of ​​Servola. Friuli Venezia Giulia is increasingly credited as a new national steel pole, with operations that see the presence of the Friulian Danieli group as a common denominator and which, on the regional territory, are setting in motion investments of almost two billion euros.

Yesterday morning the new Quality Wire Rod 4.0 (Qwr) went into operation at the Acciaierie Bertoli Safau of the Danieli group. Grand opening, with the congratulations of the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti, the presence of President Massimiliano Fedriga and a long list of authorities. The plant cost 190 million (with investments planned for another 200) and was built from scratch with two years of work. From the Qwr will come out long coils of wire rod in special and quality steel, produced from ferrous scrap and recycling half of the production waste to increase the levels of sustainability. Wire rod is the technical name of the steel rod, up to 25 millimeters in diameter, from which suspensions, screws, connecting rods and bearings are produced in the automotive, aerospace and energy industries. The plant will produce 500,000 tons of wire rod per year, making Abs play a leading role in the international market and guaranteeing the full employment of 158 specialized technicians.

The peculiarity of the plant lies in its ability to work many qualities of common and special steel, modifying the type of production in a few minutes to adapt to the requests of various customers. The second peculiarity is the “zero man on the floor” approach, that is the absence of personnel near the machinery: everything is managed through digital systems and the warehouse is fully automated. The company expects a turnover of 200 million and a production equally distributed between Italy and the foreign market.

As the president and Gianpietro Benedetti explained, Danieli and its subsidiaries employ 8,714 employees worldwide, half of which in Italy. In Fvg alone, the generated industries employ 513 companies with a turnover of half a billion. With the new Abs Qwr, the Friulian multinational moves at home, but the goal is ambitious and global: “Danieli – continued Benedetti – 30 years ago was the Cinderella out of 40 world plant manufacturers, now we are among the top three . The goal is to become number one in the next 3-4 years with our company in China ».

The ribbon cutting is also an opportunity to take stock of the projects set up with the Metinvest group. If for the start of the operation of the Noghere it is necessary to wait for the Ukrainian board to meet within the first week din July (times have been postponed by a month due to the desire to bring the feasibility study to a more advanced level), yesterday was the news that Danieli will supply Metinvest with machinery for 210 million, which will be used for a new rolling plant in Mariupol ‘, on the Black Sea. The alliance between Danieli and Metinvest is consolidated and from what transpires the agreement will be signed on Thursday in the presence of foreign ministers Di Maio and Prystajko.

In Mariupol ‘Metinvest is ready to invest half a billion, while the commitment in Trieste is worth 700 million. The operation awaits the go-ahead: the Ukrainians have yet to define in detail the type of production to be carried out in the hot rolling mill imagined in Noghere. What is the state of the art of the project, explained Benedetti, talking about it for the first time: «The institutions did an excellent job and they were fast. Now we have the ball. The issue will be addressed by the Metinvest board of directors within the first week of July. There we will know if the Noghere project will be approved, as I hope, which would give us the opportunity to build a super plant close to home with the same concept as Qwr. The plant will produce up to 4 million tons per year. As I commented with Cavalier Arvedi, chance means that in Trieste, just 700 meters away, there is a high-level cold rolling mill, which will be enriched with the equipment that we will supply this year. A center of the steel industry is born. We are making a request for funding from Sace in advance with the idea that Metinvest can start digging in the next 6-7 months: the idea is to start producing in 2024 ».

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