Lidl withdraws a dangerous product: watch out for lots

Lidl withdraws a dangerous product: watch out for lots
Lidl withdraws a dangerous product: watch out for lots

The dangerous product could end up on our tables: according to the company, those who ingested it would not suffer serious damage anyway

Deluxe Lidl Cookies (Photo Source: web)

Fortunately, there are checks, often so timely that they do not arrive dangerous products on our tables. Well, however, always check, and then, even before talking about the product of this article, here are also some batches of tuna withdrawn and of which one unit, you may have at home.

Problems can often be really dangerous, the lucky ones can get away with a couple of days in the hospital, but when something toxic ends up in the food, forecasts are never the best, because it is directly ingested. Here’s what we know.

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What is Lidl’s potentially dangerous product

The same chain Lidl has taken care to communicate that there are products that will be withdrawn from the market, probably because they have come into contact with ethylene oxide. Basically, it got into it, the chemical used in disinfectants and sterilants. One of these ingredients, chilli pepper, would have been contaminated by this dangerous material.

But not only what arrives on our tables can be harmful: a few days ago even Ikea was forced to withdraw one of its products. Going back to Lidl, however, what we should worry about is the product Deluxe, box of stuffed biscuits, so to speak. The batches to be checked are: 21005A; 21025M; 21003M. If you have a package belonging to these batches at home, do not consume the product as a precaution.

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The Deluxe packs are packaged by Ajinomoto Frozen Foods France, in Castelsarrasin in France. This is the company’s statement regarding the withdrawal of the cookies: “Given the small quantity of this ingredient in the finished product, customers are reassured that the latter does not constitute a health hazard (presumed concentration of ethylene oxide in the finished product equal to 0.0000183 mg / kg)”.

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