Green pass from the EU parliament to the European green pass: this is how it works – Chronicle

Green pass from the EU parliament to the European green pass: this is how it works – Chronicle
Green pass from the EU parliament to the European green pass: this is how it works – Chronicle

Green pass from the European parliament, the Covid digital certificate that will allow you to go from one EU country to another, without problems for tourism but also and above all for business. The text will now have to be formally adopted by the Council and published in the Official Journal, for entry into force and immediate application already from 1 July 2021. “Eu Digital certificate Covid-19” is its official name but it will not be considered a travel document.

Vaccines and holidays, the recall window widens

From June 28th the recall times are shortened and the date can be chosen

Who releases it

The certificate will be issued free of charge by individual countries and will be available in digital or printed format with a QR code. The document will certify that a person has been vaccinated against the coronavirus or had a recent test with negative results or that they have recovered from the infection. In practice, these are three distinct certificates. A common EU framework will make certificates compatible and verifiable throughout the European Union, as well as preventing fraud and falsification. The system will apply from 1 July 2021 and will remain in effect for 12 months.

As early as yesterday, Spain and Lithuania made the platform operational that allows you to share data and distribute certificates attesting to vaccination, a negative result for a swab or recovery from the virus. So after Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Croatia and Poland, there are nine Member States in which the system is already active. The intention of the EU, however, is extend its validity to the largest number of countries that are not part of the Union.

No quarantine

With a green pass in hand we can therefore avoid quarantine in the country of destination or arrival. But there will be some exceptions. Indeed, during the negotiations between the institutions, the MEPs obtained an agreement stipulating that EU states will not be able to impose further travel restrictions on certificate holders – such as quarantine, self-isolation or tests – “unless they are necessary and proportionate to safeguard public health “. Scientific evidence will have to be taken into account, “including epidemiological data published by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control”. The measures should be notified, if possible, 48 hours in advance to the other Member States and the Commission, while the public should be given 24 hours’ notice.

What is the green pass

What is the Green pass and how it works? It is a certificate valid in all EU countries which certifies having one of the three necessary conditions: vaccine, tampon, healing) designed to be legible. The certificate will be in paper or digital format, such as QR code and in Italy it will be downloadable on the IO and Immuni applications or from a specific site.

How long does it last

I am trand the types of validity depending on whether the green pass was obtained with vaccination (first and second dose), with healing and a negative molecular test that certifies it or with a swab

With the full vaccination it will be valid 14 days after the last dose and will last 9 months.

With the healing it is activated 11 days after the end of the illness and lasts 6 months.

If obtained after thefailure of a tampon it is valid for 72 hours in the case of molecor and 48 hours for the rapid.

The recognized vaccines

Vaccination certificates will be issued for each Covid-19 vaccine. However, for the exceptions to the restrictions, only vaccines authorized in the EU (and possibly those recognized by WHO for emergency use) will be considered. It remains the prerogative of the Member States to open up to other sera as well. At present it is therefore excluding Sputnik, at least at the European level.


With IO – 11 million downloads – the certificate should be automatically uploaded to the app as access is via spid or electronic identity card. In this case it would be sufficient to download the QR code and save it on the smartphone.


For Immuni, 10 and a half million downloads, and for the site, which by not requesting Spid or digital card I cannot know who the applicant is, in addition to the health card number, the user will have to enter the code that is given to him when he gets the vaccine or the swab . At this point the procedure will be similar to that of Io: a QR code will be created, which will be saved in the smartphone like any photo, and will be shown at the border or to the police.

Traveling to Europe

The digital certificate will be accepted in all EU member states but also in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. During the trips, all EU citizens (obviously also legally resident foreigners) in possession of the certificate, must be exempted from the restrictions on free movement in the same way as citizens of the visited Member State. So no quarantine or even a ban on entry into the country. It will be written not only in the language of the issuing country but also in English.

Who is not yet vaccinated

Those who have not yet received the dose against Covid will be able to obtain the certificate with a negative test (molecular or antigenic according to the criteria established by the States) or if they have recovered from the infection in the last six months. To ensure family unity, minors traveling with parents should be exempted from quarantine when parents do not have to undergo quarantine. Children under the age of 6 should also be exempt from travel-related tests

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