Construction sites at the Bissuola park: it will be a new gym

Construction sites at the Bissuola park: it will be a new gym
Construction sites at the Bissuola park: it will be a new gym

The editorial staff
June 09, 2021 4:01 pm

The construction sites open to the Bissuola park are intended for the construction of a new multipurpose wooden gymnasium for school and public activities, in via Virgilio in Mestre, which the metropolitan city is building following the same design criteria as the structure that is taking shape inside. of the school citadel of Dolo.

In these days the concrete casting is being carried out which will form the base on which the wooden installation will be placed. The project includes an urban variant for some works that include a parking area and a road connection with via Baglioni. The gymnasium is being built between via Baglioni and via Virgilio, between the skating rink and the nursery school. It will be intended for school and public use and will cover a total area of ​​approximately 2 thousand square meters. The size of the gym will be 1376 square meters and it will also be used by soccer and basketball sports clubs up to the C Gold series, with the possibility of extending the capacity for the public with a grandstand also for the B series Silver. The team and referee locker rooms and related services, including the one for the disabled, will have a floor area of ​​576 square meters. The total cost for the construction of the two gyms is 4 million euros.

A few days ago the construction site was noticed by the “Now!” (Association for Direct Democracy, Ecology, Solidarity Now!) Which had wondered about the destination of the works. «The sign hanging on the gate gives very little information – he argued – it would seem a maintenance of the green, but first of all all the trees were removed; then pipes were laid in depth and finally there is a reinforced concrete slab under construction ». The Metropolitan City has confirmed that the trees will be replanted and to be precise 3 more.


Construction sites Bissuola park gym

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