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STRONG TEMPORALS, AIMING DIFFERENT REGIONS: in the last hours the intensification of the instability thunderstorm it particularly penalized some regions. Strong phenomena in Sardinia are already in place since lunchtime and, started on the southern inland areas of the island, they have now spread to the southern coast, investing the Cagliari and also part of the city of Cagliari especially the area of Weather in Quartu Sant’Elena. Same situation in Umbria and Lazio with severe thunderstorms that are affecting the province of Terni and that of Rieti. In Campania strong thunderstorms on the Caserta, the eastern province of Naples, the Salerno and the Vallo di Diano. Other cells are affecting the Liguria and the high Tuscany with phenomena at times strong up to the coast. Thunderstorms also on Lombardy Alps and Pre-Alps up to Bergamo and Bresciano. Others on Trentino, Alto Veneto and Friuli, in particular on the Alps but locally up to Friuli plain as in the case of Cervignano. Accumulations still provisional and certainly not explanatory of the real situations as the phenomena are often violent and localized in sectors where there are no control units. However, it ranges from 20-25mm in Liguria, up to 30-35mm in Umbria, Basilicata, Campania. Tips of 50mm in Sicily.

SECTIONAL TEMPERATURES BELOW AVERAGE: in a context of fairly normal temperatures with some local positive differences, they still fit of below average situations especially in the South of the Peninsula. Maximums no higher than 23 ° C in Trapani, 24 ° C in Messina, 23 ° C in Bari while the frequent values ​​stand out above 28 ° C in Valpadana with peaks of up to 30 ° C in Treviso.

STRONG TEMPORALS ON THE LOWER TIRRENO: The minimum of low pressure that on the day of 7 June moved from the central-northern regions towards the south of the Peninsula, continued to fuel a widespread frontal instability in the night and in the morning especially on Sicily north east, Calabria and Basilicata where the phenomena often thunderstorms They hired strong intensity character cumulating up to 50mm of rain in the Messina area, between 20-30mm in Reggino, up to 20mm in Crotone and in Potentino.

CONVECTIVE TEMPORALS IN TRAININGE: while the frontal component of the currents is slightly attenuated due to the displacement of the minimum on the Ionian, the convective phase has taken over due to heating of the air that triggered the formation of numerous storm cells and not only in the South. While we are writing to you, thunderstorms are also forming on the inland areas of Sardinia, along the central Apennines especially on Umbria, Lazio and Abruzzo, but more sporadically also in the North on the inland areas of Liguria with local involvement also of the Genoese coast, in the Lombard Alps, in Trentino and in the Dolomites. Some of these thunderstorms are strong like those of South Sardinia, where hailstorms are also reported. Strong also in the Foggia area and on the inland areas of Campania, especially Avellinese and Benevento. This is just the initial stage of the evolution of these phenomena that over the next few hours they will intensify and will expand until arriving locally on the coasts.

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