What herbs to have a flat stomach? Discover them with us

What herbs to have a flat stomach? Discover them with us

What herbs to have a flat stomach? Let’s clear away a possible misunderstanding immediately: there are no herbs that, alone, can magically make us have a flat stomach like that of film actresses.

If you want a toned and sexy belly, you have to work hard, there are no saints. And therefore: regular physical activity, careful diet, healthy habits of life in general (no smoking, no alcohol, lots of water and so on).

After that, of course, herbs can facilitate and accelerate the achievement of the result, but not by themselves, this is excluded.

Now, if not too many days after the costume fitting we notice those annoying rolls of fat around the waist, it is urgent to intervene. Also because pancetta is not only unsightly, but also indicates a health that can certainly improve.

Suffice it to say that those who suffer from so-called “visceral fat” (internal fat, not simply subcutaneous fat) have a double risk of heart attack compared to thin ones, so it’s not just a question of beauty.

How to decrease the accumulation of fat on the waist? In the meantime, it is a good idea to unstuck from the sofa or armchair and go out in the open air: walk, take brisk walks, do exercises such as plank and abdominal vacum.

Mulberry, lemon balm and wormwood

But as we said at the beginning, herbs can also help us. For example, there is research that investigated the possible effectiveness of a supplement containing extracts of white mulberry, lemon balm and wormwood.

In a double-blind study on 80 patients, the researchers were able to verify a significant reduction (compared to baseline data) in visceral fat after 12 weeks of administration of the supplement.

But there is no shortage of other herbs capable of helping us in the battle against love handles.

For example:

Green tea

It accelerates the metabolism and therefore can promote the elimination of excess fat. According to various researches, green tea can prevent the breakdown of norepinephrine, which is a neurotransmitter involved in the breakdown and disposal of fats.

Yerba mate

It is diuretic and antioxidant and also works as an excellent anti-hunger with satiating efficacy.


Ginger also accelerates metabolism and thus promotes fat burning. Its active ingredient, gingerol, causes an increase in body temperature and therefore favors the elimination of excess lipids.

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